The Failure of the Mega-Church

I’ve got a new article up at the Huffington Post about the failures of the mega-church model. I couldn’t say all that I wanted to say in the article because of the limits of space. A couple clarifying things I will add here are addressed specifically at some of the comments & the tweet from [Read More…]

Great Article by Rustin Smith

Rustin Smith is a good friend of mine. He wrote a killer article at Immerse Journal about Johnny Cash & what it means to be an artist and a human being in the world. There is a little something here for the music lover, the pastor, the artist, and just the person who wants to [Read More…]

The Church Planter as Mythic Hero

David Fitch has a great post on the mythic figure of “church planter.” I’ve been on staff with three church plants in the past 15 years. That said… Fitch is right on target. I know it is a bit of a caricature, but his sketch of the church planter is on target and a little [Read More…]

Andy Osenga’s Indie Christian Music

I’ve got a new article up at the Huffington Post. Here’s an excerpt: The entire music business is in flux, and contemporary Christian music has not escaped the changes. Digital recording platforms have revolutionized the way music is made — and who can make it. Digital distribution has change the way music reaches the consumer [Read More…]

Why are we skipping church?

From The Onion: [Read more…]

The Ethics of the Google Search

This is one of the most interesting video clips I’ve seen in a long time. I’m shocked but not surprised to learn that the algorithms and filters employed by sites such as Google, Facebook and more and more of our news outlets actually control our internet experience. Those sites mine data from your search history [Read More…]

May the Right Hand of the Lord b used to Slap You!

That’s what one of the comments says underneath this video on – if it were a caption content for a video, that would be a winner! There’s something about the moment when the first guy takes off running that just makes me laugh so hard I want to cry. About halfway through the video [Read More…]

For my smoking hot wife… Lord hear our prayer

I like NASCAR. I know I don’t fit the profile, but I can’t help it. I’m also a pastor, which means I pray in public a lot. In a million years I would never be able to pull this off… it’s hilarious… it’s totally wrong… but I bet this guy’s congregation loves him. [Read more…]

Frederick Buechner – On Memory

I re-reading Telling Secrets by Frederick Buechner. It is a stunning thing to read an author’s account of their own worst moments. Reading Buechner’s account of his father’s suicide, his mother’s emotional distance/shallowness, and his daughters eating disorder, I feel as though I now know what it’s like to be a priest hearing confession – [Read More…]

AV Club presents the Real Royal Tenenbaums House

I will admit to loving pretty much every film Wes Anderson has made. He’s one of the great American filmmakers of all time. In this short video the AV Club takes us to the actual house in Harlem, where the film was set. Give it up for the AV Club! New York: The Royal Tenenbaums [Read More…]