Puppets Freak Me Out

The Suttle family took what will most certainly become a yearly trek down to Grace and Holy Trinity Cathedral in downtown KC, to see the Paul Messner Puppets put on their nativity production. I’ll be honest – I was not excited. Time for a little bit of self-disclosure here. Puppets have always freaked me out [Read More…]

Hot or Not Hot Primary

I take politics seriously, but I’m not a partisan – I don’t feel at home in any major political party. Maybe that’s why my favorite part of election year is the political satire & humor. I’m going to feature a lot of this here over the next year or so. I promise that I’ll do [Read More…]

Vader Did You Know?

Okay – don’t stone me… this is stinking hilarious. Personally, my favorite part is when Yoda’s voice-over inverts the structure to “vader know did you?” I’m also a big fan of the juxtaposition of Luke & Vader cutting off each other’s hands. There are few things I love more than Christmas parodies that are sick [Read More…]

Rob Bell is Stronger

The announcement of Rob Bell’s recent decision to leave Mars Hill came as no big surprise to most of us. I’ve gotten used to watching pastor’s writing/speaking careers eclipse their life as a pastor. The demands of speaking engagements, travelling, and writing are not that compatible with the demands of leading a local church. It’s [Read More…]

Joel Osteen Gets Reality Show

Joel Osteen, Mark Burnett Partner For Reality Show About Lakewood Church Mission Trips Why do I get the feeling this was somehow inevitable! [Read more…]

How to Shrink Your Church

I’ve got a new article up at the Huffington post called How to Shrink Your Church. It’s re-posted on the Jesus Creed blog where there is a really good discussion happening in the comments. This is certainly touching a nerve with some people. Lots of questions about what faithfulness actually looks like. I say faithfulness [Read More…]

Mel Gibson / Robert Downey Jr. Video

So Mel Gibson is on a long losing streak. After separating from his wife of 26 years in 2006, it’s been one embarrassing blunder after another. He’s been arrested and caught saying terribly offensive things. He’s been accused of misogyny, racism, antisemitism, and homophobia, all for good reasons. And when questioned about his actions, his [Read More…]

With a little help from my friends…

So, I wrote this book for Cascade books called An Evangelical Social Gospel?: Finding God’s Story in the Midst of Extremes. The book is about the nexus of the personal and corporate aspects of the Christian faith & how they have to be held together in order for Christianity to be intelligible. I’m trying to [Read More…]

Mark Driscoll: say it isn’t so

I just read a blog post saying that Mark Driscoll’s church “Mars Hill,” has legally protected the rights of their church name & is seeking legal action to force other churches to stop using that name. I really hope it isn’t true, but it sort of sounds like Driscoll. Hopefully the pastor of the other [Read More…]

Spread the Word!

Hey Friends! My editors at Cascade tell me that one of the best ways to promote your book on Amazon.com is to have people who have read it log on to their Amazon account and write a review. So that’s your assignment for the week! Log onto Amazon.com and find An Evangelical Social Gospel, then [Read More…]