Kindle Edition at $10.00

An Evangelical Social Gospel?: Finding God’s Story in the Midst of ExtremesKindle edition on sale now for $10.00 [Read more…]

Take a Quiz on Global Christianty!!

The pew research forum does a ton of research on Christian demographics. One of their recent studies was a worldwide census of Christians; where do they live, how is the population distributed, things like that. I was reading the numbers and thinking that some of this information really surprised me. Americans know so little about [Read More…]

Westport Church Fire

I’m praying for my brothers and sisters at Westport Presbyterian Church today. They lost their building in a fire last night. The building was over 107 years old. I can’t imagine what they are dealing with this morning. Think about pastor Scott Myers and his congregation today. [Read more…]

NY Times Book Review: What Literature Owes the Bible

Just before Christmas the NY Times book review was on a book we’re all familiar with: The Bible. Marilynne Robinson, author of the Pulitzer Prize winning novel Gilead penned the interesting article which was subtitled “What Literature Owes the Bible.” Here basic thesis was that the bible has made an unparalleled contribution to the wide [Read More…]

From Farewell Rob Bell to Rob Bell’s Farewell

This was one of the biggest stories of the Christian world in 2011. Rob Bell wrote a book called Love Wins, for which he took an unending amount of crap from far too many smug, self-assured, self-proclaimed biblical scholars who – although far too many still haven’t even read the book – tried their best [Read More…]

Is the GOP Losing Faith?

Here is the 2nd installment of my series for the Huffington Post comprising an evangelical Christian’s take on the  major players in the 2012 election. I had a hard time writing this, to be honest. It was a fun but difficult practice to come up with something to say. More than anything I hope that [Read More…]

Don’t Be an Idiot

So Christmas is upon us & that means we’ll be spending time with family and friends. We’ll have some extra free time on our hands and we’ll be looking for ways to use it. I think this short clip is a great and timeless reminder for us all. If only we could all follow Michael [Read More…]

Isn’t there anyone who knows what Christmas is all about?

For your soul: [Read more…]

Daniel Kirk’s New Book

When I read the gospels I am undone by the stories Jesus tells; stories which have worked their way deep down into my soul and have produced in me an allegiance to the teachings of Jesus, and deep down conviction that following his teachings is the best way to be a human being in the [Read More…]

SNL: Jesus asks Tebow to take it down a notch

SNL did a hilarious Denver Broncos locker room skit a while back, you can click on it below. Here are a few thoughts about Tim Tebow…  Does God really care about sports? Does God get involved in sporting events when people pray for a win… people who are participating, watching on TV, or who have [Read More…]