Wilco Show at the Crossroads

I can’t explain what it is about Wilco. You just have to experience it. The first artist I ever really loved was Rich Mullins. He was not just a musician or a songwriter, but he was a prophet, in a sense. After Rich died in 1997, there have been a few others come along who [Read More...]

Robert Jenson – Part III

Here are some notes on the final lecture from Robert Jenson. Jenson focused on two topics today – the Holy Spirit in particular, then the New Testament. The Holy Spirit:He began by agreeing with Bultmann that God is the “uncontrollability of the future,” and that “the Spirit is God’s freedom.” It frees the Father and [Read More...]

Robert Jenson – Part II

Here’s the scoop on Wednesday’s lecture. He started, as he always seems to do, with a historical perspective on scripture. His goal was to establish the relationship between the Holy Spirit and the Old Testament Prophets in two steps. STEP ONE:First he considers the role of Christ in Old Testament Prophecy. He reminded us that [Read More...]

Robert Jenson at NTS

Yesterday I had the chance, along with a bunch of other folks, to sit and listen to one of the greatest living American Theologians of the past ½ century. Robert Jenson is at NTS this week and he’s really amazing. He gave a lecture in Chapel, I’ll post some highlights at the end here. After [Read More...]

Praying the Hours

Go pray the hours w/Phyllis Tickle: http://explorefaith.org/prayer/fixed/hours.php [Read more...]

Prophetic Imagination by Walter Brueggemann

Quick Review of a Classic Book Walter Brueggemann’s The Prophetic Imagination[1] delivers a clear call for the role of the prophet in the ongoing life of the church. Brueggemann begins by demonstrating how God had done something completely new during the Exodus through the prophet Moses. Obviously Moses had certainly intended the end of captivity [Read More...]

Intuitive Leadership

new book out by tim keel Just a quick not about a new book called Intuitive Leadership by a friend of mine named Tim Keel. Tim’s a pastor here in town & has had a lot of influence on me. Get your copy now! I hope to do a review here soon. [Read more...]

Music ED III

Nick’s First Band: Eli Hall on drums Mix.3 // Cafe’ GrooveWhen I made this mix we’d been listening to the first two cd’s for quite awhile. Nick was starting to try and sing along and S. Soul had put out another record and he was starting to sing along with that as well (off pitch [Read More...]

Music Education II

Here are the songs from mix #2: 1. I Want You Back – Jackson Five2. I Wish – Stevie Wonder3. Respect – Aretha Franklin4. Rock Around the Clock – Bill Haley & his Comets5. Stop! In the Name of Love7. Staying Alive – The BeeGees8. Freeway of Love – Aretha Franklin9. Shake your Booty – [Read More...]

Music Education

My boys are music nuts. Nicholas can rarely be seen in a church service without his drum sticks and Lewis is already showing a proclivity toward guitar. We listen to music constantly at home and in the car. It started me thinking about my musical upbringing. When I was growing up, I received a steady [Read More...]