A Little Spoon in your Life

Everybody needs a little bit of Spoon in their life…don’t forget about the underdog. [Read more...]

More Jesus and the Political

I read this today in a book by Richard Rohr and thought it would apply not only to the discussion in the previous post, but to the hateful speech I’ve been seeing on television during the political forums in the past few weeks. “They’re not credible prophets. If we hate people who don’t agree with [Read More...]

Jesus and the Political

A blog reader asked me two questions in a recent comment: “Is Obama who you thought he was? and has America changed for the better(long term) since he was elected?” I thought about it a bit and started writing a response, but it was too long so I made it into this post. Here’s my [Read More...]

Wilco will love you baby

in stores today [Read more...]

Kempis on Suffering

“Jesus has many lovers of His heavenly kingdom, but few bearers of his cross. He has many seekers of consolation, but few of tribulation. He finds many companions at His feasting, but few at his fasting. All desire to rejoice in him; few are willing to endure anything for him. Many follow Jesus as far [Read More...]

Fish Get’s it Right

Stanley Fish’s article God-talk helps me to think through some of what has been bantered about on this blog and in some off-line discussions over the past few weeks. As always, it takes someone much more eloquent than I to make sense of what I’m thinking. I don’t agree with everything he’s saying, but I [Read More...]

Secrets in the Dark

“Humanly speaking, if we have any chance to survive, I suspect that it is men and women who act out of that deep impulse (which is best described with words like tolerance, compassion, sanity, hope, justice, love & self-sacrifice) who are our chance. By no means will they themselves bring about the Kingdom of God. [Read More...]

Christianity and the Social Crisis

“A man’s sympathy is a more decisive fact in his activity than his judgment.” p.9 [Read more...]


I had a friend throw Colossians 2:8 at me the other day. We were having a conversation and he was trying to correct what he thought was a flaw in my current spiritual path. He saw me as too open to the post-modern philosophies of the day and that this was allowing me to let [Read More...]

Truth is a person

As I’ve been reflecting on this week’s lectionary passage for Sunday, and upon last weeks passage and sermon, I’m still enthralled with the concept of truth in the scriptures. Today’s lectionary reading fed the fire as well. These are the two passages that stoked my imagination and just a couple of thoughts. 1 John 520And [Read More...]