Finally Zizioulas

I finally finished reading Being as Communion by John Zizioulas yesterday. It has taken me forever because I’ve been attempting a close reading & I kept getting distracted. It’s a pretty amazing book; one which is often referred to as one of the most important Christian theology books of the last half century. I read [Read More...]

MacArthur’s Christomonism

One thing I’m pretty sure of is that if God exists as Trinity and has created humans in God’s image, then most of our monisms and dualisms are distortions of the way the world really is. At monism is defined… Monism: the reduction of all processes, structures, concepts, etc., to a single governing principle; [Read More...]

MacArthur on the Gospel

It’s interesting to hear MacArthur attack the emerging church and say that the scope of the gospel of Christ is utterly limited to propitiating God & eliminating the guilt of sin and that this “is the only reason he came. He didn’t come to fix life here. He didn’t come to eliminate poverty. He didn’t [Read More...]

10 Things I Love – In Order

God, the creator and sustainer of the universe – Father, Son and Spirit – my redeemer and Lord. My wife Kristin – the truest person & and friend I have known – whom I love ardently, fervently, more than any person on earth. My boys Nicholas & Lewis – full of love, laughter, passion & [Read More...]

24 hours at the abbey

Had a good time at conception abbey this week, even if it was only a 24 hour booster. Here is my wisdom from Fr. Adam. He gave me a quote which he said was from Pope John the XXIII, but the internet has it from John Paul II – I’d trust Fr. Adam on this [Read More...]

Rauschenbusch Rules

I ran across one of my all-time favorite Walter Rauschenbusch quotes yesterday… Here is that quote with a few other observations from his book, “A Theology for the Social Gospel.” “Theology needs periodical rejuvenation. Its greatest danger is not mutilation but senility. It is strong and vital when it expresses in large reasonings what youthful [Read More...]

How to Write for the Web

I love Slate online. There was a funny short article by the editor that noted a bit called “How to Write for the Web” by a guy named Caleb Crain. “A text on the internet rarely takes for granted your decision to read it or to continue reading it. There is often, instead, a jazzy, [Read More...]

Pannenberg on the Church

I put Zizioulas down for the week. I’m trying to get through Pannenberg’s book on the church this week. Here are my notes from chapter one: CHAPTER 1 – CHURCHLESS CHRISTIANS He calls people who supposedly subscribe to Christianity without Christian church involvement “churchless Christians.” As churches grew more sectarian, and denominationalized. Each denomination began [Read More...]

The catholicity of Being

I’m up to my elbows in Metropolitan John… Zizioulas is working with the idea that sin is actually a rupture between being and communion, or what he calls the “individualization of our being.” The fall “results from the claim of created man to be the ultimate point of reference in existence (to be God).” p.102 [Read More...]

Praying Drunk

My friend Isaac had me read a poem the other day, a sentence which feels wierd to write, but it happened. The poet’s name is Andrew Hudgins and he’s a big deal in the world of poetry and literature. I don’t know about all of that, but after reading this poem I’m seriously thinking about [Read More...]