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Bonhoeffer as our Christian Guide in the Middle Tim Suttle New Article us up on the Huffington Post Now. [Read more…]

This… is when you know we’re going to hell.

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Thoughts on the Egyptian Unrest

I’ve been watching each day as the Egyptian people protest their own government and demand the right of self-rule. At the same time I’m reading Metaxas’ biography of Bonhoeffer. It’s a strange combination which has somehow been fruitful. The similarities are interesting. In 1933 when the Nazi party was passing sweeping reform in their country, [Read More…]

New Article on Huffington Post

Hey Everyone – I’ve got a new article up on the Huffington Post: [Read more…]

John Adams

John Adams by David McCullough I picked up this biography to try and get out of my head a little bit by reading something unrelated to theology. What I found was a deeply moving story of a great man who was swept into the American Revolution, and whose leadership influences our society even to this [Read More…]

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I’ve started contributing at Huffington Post. Here’s the first installment: [Read more…]

Psalm 140:12

I know that the LORD will maintain the cause of the poor,and render justice to the needy. [Read more…]

The Chronicles of Narnia

I just finished reading all 7 books in the original order of publication. The first time I read this series I went in the order the publisher suggests. This time I read in the order that Lewis wrote and released the books. Much better this way. I am so amazed by Lewis’ vision for the [Read More…]

Marilynne Robinson on Daily Show

Here is a short interview of Marilynne Robinson by Jon Stewart last night. One of my favorite authors on one of my favorite shows… -t [Read more…]

The Last Word

I’m reading a book of short stories by Graham Greene called, The Last Word. Greene is a master of the short story, and this book doesn’t disappoint. The initial story, which serves as the title of the book, is about the execution of the last living Christian – Pope John XXIX. Greene describes this fascinating [Read More…]