artificial resuscitation

hey everyone! thanks for stopping by. Feel free to poke around, read and post at will. Quick update for the Satellite Soul fans who are joining us…we’re working on a record – slowly, and playing a few dates here and there. The record is going to be interesting, we’re treating some new subject material in a little different way for us. Let’s just say CCM won’t be giving us a nice review. If they do i’ll shoot myself. We’re a… Read more

almost ready

almost ready words and music by tim suttle verse one the air was blue, my heart was lead came to love and fought instead and turning circles in the room the smell of salt and your perfume chorus and we were flying, and we were almost ready we were climbing out on a limb we were crying, we were almost ready but something pulled us back again verse two seeing voices, hearing time in yellow pictures floating by in other… Read more


In the middle of the great snowstorm that wasn’t last week, I was reminded how much we like to know what’s coming before it gets here. As a sports fan I’ve been disturbed to hear that local sportscasts are giving way to weather forecasts. These are the new heroes of the ten o’clock hour and it’s causing me problems. Picture my wife and I – each grabbing for the remote; me to switch over to “Sportscenter” and she to find… Read more


It’s become a parlance of our time, the immortal words of the great Emerson “the mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.” There is some dark place in the heart of every person where we decide to live or not to live. There resides within each of our souls a beautiful novel that we can pick up and read or we can ignore. And everybody, each and all, gets to decide what to do. Deciding to embrace this introspective… Read more


In the 1930’s the American motion picture industry adopted the Motion Picture Production Code. In so doing, Hollywood itself decided what was acceptable to show in movies instead of having an outsider dictate this for them. One of the areas they restricted was the way that men and women interacted in romantic films – no more steamy love scenes!This raised a new question. How do you keep an audience interested in a love affair for two hours when you can’t… Read more


There is nothing more difficult for those who seek after God than to endure a period where all spiritual things seem lifeless. In our journey we inevitably find ourselves in long periods of time where the things we believe, the zeal of our past, our experiences of God to that point seem quite dubitable because we can’t feel God’s presence, and it all feels dark. It can be time of such great confusion that it’s tempting to scrap the whole… Read more


If you consider the way your day unfolds, you’ll find a rhythm. Eating breakfast, reading the paper, driving to work, checking email, meetings, phone calls, going to lunch, sundown, bedtime – these things make up the rhythm of our lives and will dictate not only the physical aspects of our day but the spiritual as well.Did you ever think that the best way to be a disciple may not be to spend an hour a day in reading, meditation and… Read more


It’s been often said that it’s better to keep one’s mouth shut and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt. Our world is plagued with enumerable options for tearing down one’s neighbors and, sadly, it seems some of the worst of it happens within the church.Here in the early part of the 21st Century there rages a furious American debate over social issues such as same sex marriage, abortion and stem cell research. While it’s… Read more

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