Summer Reading

A Prayer For Owen Meanyby John IrvingThis is by far the best fiction book I’ve ever read in my life. Nothing else I’ve read even comes close to how great this story is. If you have a little time left before the summer reading comes to a close, I highly recommend picking this book up! It is pretty long, but it is worth the investment of time for the payoff!I’m bummed because my summer reading is already over and I… Read more

The Scandal of The Evangelical Conscience

The Scandal of the Evangelical ConscienceBy Dr. Ronald J. SiderI’ve talked about this book several times in other posts and thought I’d cover it in a little more detail. I skimmed this book a few months back, but just bought a copy for myself and devoured it in about 2 days. I haven’t marked up a book like this in quite awhile, maybe since I read one of Dr. Sider’s previous works, “Rich Christians in an Age of Hunger.” Here… Read more

Barak Obama Speech

On June 26-27 in Washington DC, Senator Barak Obama delievered a speech before the Sojourners Call to Renewal conference. I don’t usually feature politicians on this blog, but he’s doing some theology here, working with the idea of religion and politics and this one is in honor of our Independence day…one day late. Take some time and listen to this, I’d love to hear what you think.I really enjoyed his speech a lot. I listened to it again with my… Read more

Bono’s Sermon

I’ve been saving this post for a few months hoping I could get my hands on the video or audio, but wants 24.95 to watch it…so much for charity.This is the transcript from a sermon Bono gave at the National Prayer Breakfast back in February. I was taken with his frank, humble speech. It made quite a stir at the time and I wish I could find the video. If I catch wind of it anywhere, I’ll be sure… Read more

Emergent Discussion with Mike Horton

I’ve been listening to this radio show broadcast with a man named Mike Horton. He is a professor at Westminster Seminary who has written quite a few books on reformation theology. He’s the editor in chief of Modern Reformation Magazine. I’m posting a link to a radio interview he did concerning the Emergent Church. To find the interview click here and go to July 31, 2005 Radio broadcast. You will have to register to listen to the broadcast but these… Read more

Before the Music Dies

My friend Kevin Igarta sent me this link to a trailer for a new film coming out this summer called “Before the Music Dies.” It’s a film by these two fellas: Andrew Shapter and Joel Rasmussen. Near as I can tell this is a first film for both of these guys. This movie looks pretty thought provoking. I hope it comes to KC. Just in the trailer alone there are some very interesting comments made that I sort of resonate… Read more

Doug Pagitt Presentation on Christianity of Our Day

I hesitate to start a new post because the discussion on the McLaren post is still really good. But here goes…I stumbled accross a really good podcast the other day. It’s a very interesting take on John 14 and Acts 2. It’s nothing revolutionary, but in the past I’ve felt myself bristle at some of the ways Doug Pagitt presents material. I think I learned from this podcast that there are just some venues where he’s intentionally trying to be… Read more

McLaren Interview

I just listened to a really good interview on this podcasting site called “bleeding purple.” Props to my friend Tracy Stewart for bringing it to my attention. It’s a very interesting conversation between the podcaster, Lief, and one of the leaders of the emergent conversation, Brian McLaren. They get into some stuff about the dominant view of Hell in our day and our view of God in light of this view. The conversation drifts into a little bit about relativism,… Read more

Western Kansas

I went to speak at a camp in Colorado last week and the whole family went along. We stopped off in Hanston, KS to hang out with my sister and her family. They have a bunch of cattle. Just thought I’d post a few pics from the trip out. More on the camp later. My kids are going to be such city kids…Oh well. Read more

I’m Glad They Are Out There

I was thinking the other night, while I was holding my oldest son on my lap in the middle of the night, about how sweet my life is. There is so much in this world that is beautiful and I’m just so incredibly lucky to be alive. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about church…what it is, should be, where I fit. Sometimes I get pretty down on parts of it, but I’ve found ‘church’ in so many great places… Read more

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