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Why Is It So Hard to Figure Out What Mormons Believe?

The leadership of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has spent far more time than it would like recently tamping down small pestilences of embarrassment spewed forth from its lay membership.  Recently in the Washington Post a professor of religion at Brigham Young University, which the church owns, uttered a series of remarkably garish and disturbingly convoluted theories in explanation of why his church did not ordain men of African descent to its priesthood until 1978.  Before the … [Read more...]

Peculiar People and Assimilated Americans

“I am an assimilated American,” William Morris ("Wm") recently wrote at the popular Mormon arts and culture blog, A Motley Vision. Citing his education, online social networking profile, eating habits, and a long list of eclectic interests, Wm unabashedly celebrated his assimilated status and expressed his own belief that all other Mormons in the United States are, too. “There’s no ‘And yet,’” he declared.In a general sense, Wm is correct. There are now Mormons living in nearly every corner o … [Read more...]