Archives for December 2009

Mandala Meditation

In a corner of the convention center, a group of Tibetan Monks are gathered and working on a sand mandala. A mandala is traditionally a circular painting or picture used to aid in focusing attention and meditation. TIbetan monks have taken to creating mandalas through sand painting. They spend hundreds of hours creating an intricate [Read More…]

Professing of Faith

We thought it would be amazing to get some of the folks here at the Parliament event to volunteer to be on camera and to talk about their faith. Honestly, we were not sure how many people would agree to be videotaped, especially about such a personal topic, and allow it to be posted on [Read More…]

Passion at the Parliament

After a long flight across the ocean, we arrived in Melbourne on Thursday to attend the Parliament of the World’s Religions. We are thrilled to have been invited to attend and to participate at our partner’s event. I entered the day both excited and energized — yet a little apprehensive about interacting directly with people [Read More…]