Happy 7th Anniversary, Patheos

There are some days that are forever emblazoned upon your memory.  Today, 8 years ago is one of those days. Leo and I were completing the most glorious week at Curtain Bluff in Antigua after our wedding ceremony on April 30th. We had spent months debating our next phase — and it was on that day [Read More…]

Oprah and Deepak Chopra Meditation Experience Review

By Brandan Robertson What does it mean to truly be happy? Is happiness an attainable experience for us in this life, or is it one of many trivial pursuits that continually leave us wanting? These questions lie at the heart of Oprah and Deepak Chopra’s new 21-Day Meditation Experience, Expanding Your Happiness, which launches today. [Read More…]

Bridging the Gender Gap, Developing Trust and Understanding

Patheos writer, Carl Studna’s past four blogs have centered on the topics; trust, vulnerability, authentic communication and intimacy. These themes will all be richly addressed in a free, online teleseries co-hosted with his wife of 15 years, Cynthia James. Some of their guests include Marianne Williamson, Dr. John Gray, Gregg Braden, Kute Blackson, Drs. Katie and [Read More…]

Women’s Event Explores the Nexus of Spirituality and Leadership

What happens when women from diverse religious traditions come together with deeply spiritual women no longer affiliated with religion? What kind of synergy and collective impact can grow from seeds planted in the common ground that they share? How will the world change when individual women step more fully into their natural spiritual leadership and [Read More…]

Jack Kornfield: The Many Facets of Awakening

Patheos is pleased to be participating in this years Wake Up Festival, being held on August 14 – 18 in Estes Park, Co. Jack Kornfield is a featured presenter at The Wake Up Festival and author of A Path with Heart, A Lamp in the Darkness, Meditation for Beginners, and dozens of other highly-acclaimed books and [Read More…]

Running for Reconciliation

    Boston University School of Theology is inviting people to join us in “running for reconciliation.” We invite anyone to join us in wearing running shoes this week as a symbol of YOUR commitment to responding to the recent violence in Boston with acts of reconciliation and peacemaking. We welcome you to join us [Read More…]

Celebrating Meaningful Messages for an Awakening Humanity

GATE 3, scheduled for the evening of Saturday, February 2, 2013 in Los Angeles, is the third, major public event of the Global Alliance for Transformational Entertainment. Like GATE 1 and 2, it will be a major venue for networking between media professionals with transformational values. [Read more…]

Astrology Launches at Patheos

We are pleased to announce that Patheos has partnered with Tarot.com to launch an Astrology Offering at http://www.patheos.com/Spirituality/Astrology. The Patheos Astrology coverage will offer a Daily Horoscope, a Daily Tarot Card feature, Astrology Commentary from Patheos Contributors, Lunar Phases, Monthly Forecasts and detailed information on each sun sign. In conjunction with the launch of the [Read More…]

More New Faces on the Patheos Spirituality Channel

I know that this is just the 2nd in a long line of announcements, but please help me welcome a some additional new faces to the Patheos Spirituality Channel. Peter Canova – at Quantum Spirituality – Peter is an author, prominent national speaker, and leading authority on the secret teachings of the Gnostic gospels, quantum physics, [Read More…]

Welcome New Spirituality Channel Writers

It has been an exciting start for the Spirituality Channel, thanks to everyone for your feedback and ideas.  We are working to bring you even more Spiritual but not religious content as the channel grows! As part of that growth, I am pleased to announce our newest writers. The Patheos Spirituality Channel welcomes 3 new [Read More…]