Can John Galliano — in recovery and contrite — be forgiven?

Is there life for high fashion’s ultimate bad boy John Galliano after his anti-Semitic remarks were caught on video a few years ago? After two years of recovery and public statements of contrition, we’ll soon see. He’ll be at New York Fashion Week next month, with the help of old friends Oscar de la Renta and Vogue editor Anna Wintour. [Read more…]

Britain’s Leading Evangelical Steve Chalke Endorses Same-sex Unions and More [VIDEO]

Britain’s most prominent evangelical, Steve Chalke, has publicly thrown himself and his entire megachurch organization behind same-sex unions, and acceptance of homosexuals generally, insisting his view is compatible with his evangelical faith and scripturally sound. Watch the video and read excerpts of his statement here. [Read more…]

7 Questions to Ask Yourself When You’re Late

If you tend to be late for things, the best way to change — the only way to change permanently — is to change interiorly. Here’s a tool that might help. When you are late, reflect on these 7 questions and whether any of them are true for you. [Read more…]

The Selfishness of Being Late

I talk frequently about the spirituality of being on time, and a lot of the feedback I get is about how eye-opening it is to realize you are bothering others. So let me focus a little more sharply on that aspect of the subject, on selfishness… [Read more…]

My first 100 posts

My Patheos blog is only five months old, so a “Best of 2012” would be a bit much, but I’ve done exactly 100 posts, which is a good reason to pause a moment and look back. [Read more…]

Epiphany and the Magi

For Epiphany, a retelling of the magi story from the perspective of the magi. [Read more…]

Come, and you will see

My latest reflection in Living Faith: Jesus said, “Come, and you will see.” If a stranger comes and sees how you live, will they be attracted? Will they see a life based in love? Read the rest… [Read more…]

Struggling with resolutions doesn’t mean you’re failing, just human

I haven’t been doing my exercise, but does that mean I’m a bad person? Does it mean I’ve failed? No, it means I’m human. New Year’s is the biggest swearing-off ritual around. But all too often the best intentions come up against habit, craving, temptation or just fatigue, the abstainer slips, and then they feel like a failure. Sometimes the self-criticism blurs into self-hatred feeding a downward spiral that takes them to a worse place than if there had been no resolution in the first place. The missing ingredient is love… [Read more…]

“A person who sings prays twice”

St. Augustine is credited with saying, “A person who sings prays twice.” Beautiful music itself is prayer, and when wedded to words of praise the result is a foretaste of the new Earth to come… [Read more…]

Do Not Start Fresh for the New Year

There is a New Year’s lie that, just like hanging a fresh calendar on the wall, we too can start over. Make a resolution. Decide that this year will be different. Somehow reset our lives and start fresh. Us 2.0. Thinking that deciding to change and changing are the same thing. The truth is that our less positive habits, like lily pads floating on a pond, are rooted deep down in the muck… [Read more…]

My response to “Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus” named one of Busted Halo’s Best of 2012

Busted Halo named my response to Jefferson Bethke’s viral video “Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus” one of their “Best of 2012.” The conversation continues. [Read more…]

Claudio Monteverdi’s Christe Redemptor

My favorite recording of my favorite piece of music: Claudio Monteverdi’s Christe Redemptor. [Read more…]

A Christmas sermon: Bright Blooms Dark Night

What is the radical truth that pulls us back to the Christmas story again and again? The Christmas sermon from my pastor, Emily Scott, at St. Lydia’s. [Read more…]

Merry Christmas, Baby — from Christina Aguilera and me [VIDEO]

Here’s an early Christmas gift for you: the best voice in popular music, Christina Aguilera, with the most amazing vocal of her career, and it’s a Christmas song! Whether you like pop or not, you will love this. [VIDEO] [Read more…]