Survival Songs: Mandi Perkins, Who I Am

Note: This is part of an ongoing series on songs that helped me break away from fundamentalism. An excerpt of the lyrics I found most meaningful is below the jump.

I’m not the same
Don’t need to explain 
No, I won’t change my tone 
Fear my independence, feel paralyzed 

So you’re waiting for a bough to break and crush me? 
Your insecurity causes me to have to break away 
Break away from you 

I don’t think I can take anymore 
Tomorrow comes and we’ve been here before 
Should have seen the revolving door 
This is not, this is not who I am

It’s 8pm, this is the end 
I know you’ll miss my face 
But you won’t bend and I won’t break 
I’m not easily replaced
I fear your agenda
You feel justified 

Full lyrics are here.

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