“I am afraid to tell you who I am, because if I tell you who I am you may not like who I am, and it’s all that I have” When University of Houston research professor Brené Brown decided to take a closer look at human vulnerability, she had no idea that it would take six years of research and data analysis to finally arrive at some compelling truths on the matter. Stepping out of her own comfort zone of resistance to vulnerablity; reevaluating it through deep… Read more

We have avid bird watchers, star gazers and tornado chasers. So why not Eclipse Chasers? Or to use their more sophisticated sobriquet, Umbraphiles. Works for me. These are folks who, having experienced a total eclipse, are now hooked and literally cross the globe for their next eclipse high. Something about the experience captivated them at a profound soul-stirring level, and planning and saving for another eclipse expedition is on the table. And yes: of course there’s a website (or two)… Read more

My countryman George Bernard Shaw, once quipped The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place. And that was way before the digital era of rapid-fire texting, 120 character tweets, Smartphone emojis. and Facebook algorithms telling us who to be, where we are, and what to buy next. As we gather with family and friends on Independence Day, and perhaps dimly reflect on what it means historically and globally, I wonder: Do we truly listen… Read more

A moment of stillness can inspire a lifetime of change . . Read more

The dark side of virtual reality Read more

Flat-pack downsizing for 21st century living. Read more

Exploding oil trains, nuclear plant disasters, fractured mountains and ocean floors . . are symptomatic of the greatest human misadventure of our times—industrialization and mechanization gone AWOL. Read more

Incubating a dream and giving birth to a book are—in my estimation—the same: neither can be forced or fabricated. And both tend to show up unannounced. Drum roll: A (humble) Here’s to “yours truly” whose Debut Book has just been published!!   Do It Anyway: Deep Spirituality Meets Real Life  It all started a few years ago when—for the heck of it—I decided to start a Google Blog. I had no solid plan for what the blog was going to… Read more

Barefoot basics in an insulated world . . Read more

Helping the best in us to “show up” – every time Read more

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