How the ‘Christian’ right is destroying Christianity in the Middle East

Gus diZerega

I have linked to a sad but hopefully thought provoking story about the current travails of Christianity, which is facing possible extinction in the Middle East.   My concern is not so much the faith itself as with the people adhering to this faith.  Christians are apparently at genuine risk of disappearing from the Middle East. The usual reason given is “radical Islam.”I will be the last person to say anything nice about radical Islam, the Muslim world’s equivalent to Christian dominionists, … [Read more...]

Looking Back on the Election: A Pagan Perspective

Gus diZerega

Editor's note: To give Gus more posting flexibility, we've moved Pointedly Pagan to a new format! Please update your RSS feeds, or subscribe via e-mail (link on the right-hand sidebar). And now, here's Gus...Having enthusiastically urged Pagans to vote a straight Democratic ticket in every case where Republicans were competitive, it is fitting I describe how I think the election's outcome affects our community. I think it will be profoundly for the good.My book on the culture war and … [Read more...]