Divine Energy

There is a vibration of Divine energy that has been pulsating through this world since creation. I believe that Jesus was the life that was most perfectly attuned to that Divine energy. Even so, as we saw in last Sunday’s lesson, even Jesus needed to go apart regularly and pray to keep his heart synchronized with God’s.

I think an atheist who denies the existence of this spiritual energy is as foolish as a person who never owned a radio but insists that there are no radio waves in this room.

Prayer is not a formula to be followed or words to be said; pray is a mystery to be embraced. Disciplines like contemplation, meditation, fasting, and even speaking in tongues may assist us in tuning our souls to the frequency of God.

Real prayer is a relationship. Every relationship is unique, and you, alone, must discover how to tune your life to resonate with the life of God. Prayer is not communication with God, but it is communion.

What will you tell God that he is ignorant of? What will you persuade God to do for you that she would not already do?

The purpose of prayer is not to influence God, but rather to create a channel, a path, a resonant energy by which Divine assistance may flow through our lives into the world.

People often ask me how to build a happy and healthy long-term relationship. A strong healthy relationship must be grown by being together and learning to listen and trust. It is the result of a lifetime of practicing strong, healthy, and intimate habits. Why should prayer be any different?

by Michael Piazza
Co-Executive Director
The Center for Progressive Renewal

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