The Prophet Jeremiah

The prophet Jeremiah used the image of God as potter as a warning and a rebuke to the people for ignoring the ways of God and going their own way. The prophet Isaiah also used the imagery of God as potter, as an important reminder: But now, O LORD, we are the clay, and you [Read More…]

Let God Move Things Forward

Thought for the day: The same people attend the same meetings making the same decisions in the face of a world that changes dramatically on an almost daily basis. Those who are actually actively engaged in those changes in business and society are absent from any decision making process or are at best very underrepresented. [Read More…]


Forgiveness is a vital spiritual practice. Fortunately, I’ve always found it pretty easy to forgive and move on. In part, it may be that my memory is so bad. I can’t hold a grudge because I can’t remember what it was that I was mad about. It has been that way since I was a [Read More…]

Another Day at the Mill?

There are many spiritual practices at which I am absolutely rotten. I actually didn’t know that I was so bad until I spent a year or so between when I stopped having any pastoral responsibilities at the Cathedral of Hope and started pastoring at Virginia-Highland Church. People often ask how it feels to go from [Read More…]

Living as Outsiders

Nobel Prize-winning author Elie Wiesel is a survivor of a Nazi concentration camp. In his book The Town Beyond the Wall, Wiesel has a character named Michael who has been in prison for a long, long time. At one point, Michael is talking to a new prisoner who has great faith. The new fellow asks [Read More…]

Being Outside

It hurts to be made to feel like you don’t belong. Being an outsider terrified us as children, and, even as adults, we avoid it at all costs. We want to be “on the inside,” “in style,” “included.” Being outside is a frightening experience, which is why this reading from the book of Hebrews is [Read More…]

How Far We Have Come and How Far We Have Yet to Go

We stayed home for Labor Day this year, and I managed to watch two movies I’ve been wanting to see. One was WAY past due, and the other is in the theaters now: “The Help” and “The Butler.” Of course, the two offer similar themes and lessons. While both movies are flawed, they still deserve [Read More…]

Diana Nyad

How did you spend your Labor Day Weekend? Well, as you probably heard, 64-year-old Diana Nyad spent most of her weekend swimming from Cuba to Key West. I’ve spent Labor Day in Key West a couple of times, but I got there either by car or by plane. Her trip took 52 hours and 54 [Read More…]

What the Situation Requires

On Sunday, I attended worship at a United Methodist church in Savannah. It was my only Sunday off this year, so I wanted to check out a church that had been near the point of death but had been resurrected. This Sunday, they had more than 300 people in attendance. It was an amazingly diverse [Read More…]

1960’s Georgia

Growing up in South Georgia in the 1960s, my life was immersed in the racism of the culture. Although, I never knew the kind of mean or hateful racism that bombed churches or galvanized lynch mobs, my exposure was probably more insidious and damaging. My mother taught me to refer to African-Americans as “colored people.” [Read More…]