God in a Box

In last Sunday’s sermon, I contrasted Nicodemus’s careful faith that made him come to Jesus under the cover of night with Abraham and Sarah’s willingness to leave it all behind and go where God called them. God called Abraham and Sarah to leave their home and set off on a great adventure. God never explained [Read More…]

It’s Holy Saturday in The Church, Alban Reminds Us.

This week the bedrock of an era of mainline Protestantism in North America, the Alban Institute, announced that it was closing. For many of us, news of Alban’s collapse felt like a death in the church family, leaving us behind and bewildered as we reconcile ourselves with their legacy. It’s a Holy Saturday kind of [Read More…]

Spiritual Checkups

As I write this, I am sitting through a second day of nonstop rain. It is cool and damp and grey and gloomy. I don’t know how my friends in the Northwest do this. Oh, I know the forecast is for it to be clear and sunny in a couple of days, and I know [Read More…]

You Gotta Keep Dancing

Some years ago I read Tim Hansel’s book You Gotta Keep Dancing: In the midst of life’s hurts, you can choose joy. I was too young to know much about the real hurts of life, but this was a book I went back to again and again. In fact, when we moved from Dallas to [Read More…]

Thought for the Day

Thought for the day: An object at rest tends to remain at rest…unless something comes along and moves it. Let the Spirit move you out of your comfort zone and inspire you to do something great today! [Read more…]

Happy Hour

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day. Unless you are in New York, Boston, or Savannah that may just mean that you are wearing green today. If you are lucky it means that you are meeting friends for dinner or “happy hour.” I wonder where that term comes from. Is getting drinks at a discount really what makes [Read More…]

Perfectly Good Food and Wine

Several years ago I had a falling out with a friend over dinner. I had worked had all week, then went to the store and bought bread and wine and worked for hours to prepare a meal that I thought they would enjoy, but they didn’t show up. When I called to check on them, [Read More…]

Changing Minds

For some reason, I’ve been obsessing about the difference between faith and presumption. It is easy to see presumptuous belief systems in the fundamentalists who think they have the entire, and only, truth about God. When someone issues a religious edict I’m not sure what makes me angrier, the fact that they are so certain [Read More…]

It May be a Very Very Long Sleep

For more than a decade, Dr. Bruce Thielemann was my pastor. I listened to his sermons on cassette tape almost every week. In one sermon he told this story: Two summers ago I received a telephone call from my physician, who also happened to be the physician of my most beloved seminary professor. He called [Read More…]

Hope vs. Despair

In the mid-1980s, I pastored a small church in Jacksonville, Florida. It was a mostly lesbian and gay congregation whose little building was firebombed three times. The first, and the worst, happened before I arrived, and, by the time I arrived, the tiny group had been diminished even further. The church rallied eventually and even [Read More…]