Mission Statements: Timely or a Waste of Time?

By Tony Robinson As someone who teaches and writes about church leadership, and who works with congregations as a consultant, I have been an advocate for thinking and talking about a congregation’s “core mission,” or “purpose.” And I still am. I continue to believe that a basic challenge facing many congregations today is they just [Read More…]

How to reach young adults

In my travels as a speaker and consultant working with congregations and their leaders, I am often asked, “How can we reach 20- and 30-year-olds?” Probably most folks would like to say, “How can we get 20- and 30-year-olds?” — but “reach” sounds a bit less self-interested. My first general thought is that our enthusiasm [Read More…]

Quit thinking of the church as a family

“Our church is just like a family.” This is a common claim in many congregations, perhaps especially in smaller ones. Some go further, “This church is my family.” Sounds good, don’t you think? Not long ago, I worked with a congregation that had used the services of a national firm to do a “ministry audit” [Read More…]