Bruce Adams Bio

Bruce Adams … Featured performer in the web series, author of the book Prophet or Madman

Bruce AdamsBruce Adams is neither a theologian, a Bible scholar, a pastor, nor a teacher. In fact, he is now an ice-cream man. He was a successful businessman for some 25 years before he had the surprise of his life. On a Saturday morning in 1996, when Bruce was poised to launch a potentially huge moneymaking machine, he took his 9-year-old son, Michael, ice-skating. “There I was, gliding along, listening to the music…when all of a sudden, something happened. The music, as well as the sound of the people, seemed to fall silent, just as if I had become temporarily deaf. The next thing I heard was a voice. This voice was unlike anything I had ever heard in the past. It seemed to be not limited to my mind, but dimensional. By this, I mean that it was both internal and audible at the same time. I did not know how to take what was happening to me, especially when I saw that I was being given specific instructions to change the direction of my life. I was being told to forego this million dollar business project because there was something else I had to do.”

Thereafter, Bruce began a regimen of daily meditation. His perception of life was drastically changed, and was replaced with something far different. “Life, it seemed, was taking on new meaning. Faith that there was something more was replaced with direct experience.” Then one night ” I was sleeping and unaware of anything that was going on in my dream state, when I experienced something that made the voice I heard earlier seem trivial in comparison. The best I can describe it is to say that I felt wide-awake, yet I knew that my body was resting. I was both in the body and outside it. I could think, but there was no need to. I saw myself, for lack of a better word, as a formless consciousness. Where was I? There was nothing familiar about this place, because it had no form, and at the same time there was the sensation of comfort. It was like the feeling of comfort you have in the safety of your own home….In that moment, I became aware of the whole of Creation as one presence. Upon coming back into my thinking mind, I recall being told to write about what I had experienced. I jumped out of bed and got my pad and pen”. The book Prophet or Madman was the amazing result.