Mission Statement

The Old Testament and The Torah, the sources of so much inspiration for so many for so long, tell us that we humans have been given dominion over earthly creation. But it was not until the Industrial Revolution that we began to have a real effect over the biome.

It took from the creation of our species until about 1800 for there to be cumulatively one billion of us alive at the same time. The last billion humans made their appearance in just about twelve years.

Geologists are suggesting that we are entering a new geological age – the Anthropocene – the Age of Humans.

We’re having an effect. Of that there is no doubt. But if we are given dominion over creation, what sort of effect do we wish to exert? It is precisely this question that gives rise to so many profound voices urging us to be our better selves, to wake up, to take our charge to heart. This is precisely the motivation behind our efforts with Prophet or Madman.

We wish to add another voice, another tone to the chorus, that of our friend and colleague, Bruce Adams.

It has been said that as the pace of change increases, as it is today, the amount of novelty increases also. So it should come as no surprise that an ice cream man from Florida should join the ranks normally populated by priests, rabbis, ministers and the like.

Voices calling for higher consciousnesses are not only welcomed into today’s world, they are eminently needed. Can God speak to an ice cream man? There is nothing in the rulebook that says no. Do divinely inspired messages have to come with fire and brimstone? We don’t see why.

We are not a cult. We are not a new religion. We are ordinary guys who have heard a calling. And, as you can tell by our message, we are not about money, materialism, power and control. We’re about love – divine, infinite and unconditional. And, as heaven and earth and you and I all know, there can’t be too much of that just now.