A Dispatch From the Mundane World

We certainly hope you enjoyed our new video, Down at Daddy Dee’s, from the on-going saga, Prophet or Madman, The Web Series.  One thing for sure, you can’t say we lack for interesting characters. November will finds our heroes, Bruce and Steve in chilly New York getting ready to open the play, (back by popular [Read More…]

A Preview of Coming Attractions – Webisode #4 Down at Daddy Dee’s

We’ve got a preview of coming attractions for you all.  Webisode #4, Down at Daddy Dee’s is coming out tomrrow on our new home – Patheos.com Here’s what you’ll see:  The (not so) big Hollywood production company heads to Florida to see for themselves whether Bruce Adams is a Prophet or a Madman.  Lots of [Read More…]

You Are What You Eat

By Bruce Adams For years now we have been hearing how the food we eat affects our physical bodies. Most every one can understand that if we cut down on the amount of calories consumed while increasing the amount of calories burned, we will lose weight. Or if we increase the amount of calories consumed [Read More…]

Working Through the Struggle

By Bruce Adams (Editor’s note:  Last Friday Bruce wrote an article called “The Struggle.”  Today he takes up where he left off.  You didn’t think he’d leave you hanging, did you?) Last week I wrote that after being told to write about and teach what God had shown me, I was filled with a mixture [Read More…]