Episode 2: Why Now?

Well, what other time is there? [Read more…]

Episode 3: Bugs!

Taking up his divine mandate, Bruce is seeking answers. He finds some from an unexpected quarter in his local park. Steve, seeking guidance concerning Bruce, gets some when he hears Bruce’s tale. Thus our characters unite with the realization that there is no separation in creation. [Read more…]

Episode #4: Down at Daddy Dee’s

The (not so) big Hollywood production company heads to Florida to see for themselves whether Bruce Adams is a Prophet or a Madman. Lots of the folks from Bruce’s place of employment, Daddy Dee’s Ice Cream Parlor in Fort Myers, Florida, give their opinions as well. Bruce sums it all up with a little cosmology [Read More…]

Episode 5: Hollywood Comes to the Emerald City

We tag along as Bruce accepts an invitation to speak at a church in Tampa. Hollywood comes to the Emerald City, as Donna Jean said, among a great many other wonderful things. You gotta get a load of this lady, the Annie Oakley of higher consciousness, or is it Ellen DeGeneres…or Dolly Parton… [Read more…]