Oh No…Now What?

by Bruce Adams A few months back I wrote a blog titled, “Chop Wood and Carry Water.” To me, it spoke of how we can do the same tasks from the enlightened state that we previously did from the sleeping state. Today, I had the opportunity to witness how the universe provides us with numerous [Read More…]

A Savior Was Born

by Bruce Adams Before I begin this blog, I wish to state once again for the record, in my eyes, Jesus was/is a savior! That said, I feel I must also state for the record, I unequivocally reject the notion or belief that Jesus died for my sins and that simply holding such a belief [Read More…]

A Preview of Coming Attractions – Faces & Places – Florida

Tomorrow we find that Daddy Dee’s doubles as a sort of camp meeting or tent meeting place from time to time. The basics of tomorrow’s webisode are as follows:   A heckler arises and, lo and behold, it’s Steve.  The Florida morning show guy discusses ice cream and God, local parishioners are a bit more [Read More…]

Where Is God When You Need Him?

by Bruce Adams Just last week I had the pleasure of playing myself in a play in NYC. For those of you who missed it, the name of the play is, “The Ice Cream Man Cometh.” Not being a trained actor, I did not quite know how to act or what acting was all about, [Read More…]

A Preview of Coming Attractions – Taste #10 – The Prophet @ Home

Is he a renter or an owner?  Is he having a garage sale?  No matter, it’s a casual weekend morning, Bruce greets us poolside in his Sunday-go-to-meeting best and let’s fly with some pretty deep stuff, i.e.,  “All you’ve got to do to get to heaven is (drum roll, please)  BE LOVED.” Man, oh man.  [Read More…]

You Can Never Go Back

by Bruce Adams Before I begin this blog I wish to warn anyone who does not have an interest in waking up that what you are about to read could have a profound effect on you.  You may never be able to sleepwalk through life so soundly again. There is a saying that I heard [Read More…]

Ageing, Illness and Death Are God’s Misunderstood Gifts

By Bruce Adams Before I begin to explain what so many do not begin to understand, I wish to say this blog is for those who wish to rediscover the true nature of Self. Obviously, those who hold to the notion that physical life is the extent of reality will not relate to what you [Read More…]

A Preview of Coming Attractions – Webisode #8 Family, Friends & Fun in FLA

Tomorrow we debut webisode number eight right here on Patheos.  It’s called Family, Friends, Fun in FLA.  Now that you know we’re fond of alliteration, here’s the story:  An ex-wife, a son, a physicist, a retired N.Y.P.D. detective and even Bruce’s own minister all give us their take on Bruce Adams and his message.  We [Read More…]

Life: The Body of God

By Bruce Adams I can not think of a word that could be more ambiguous than the word life. The following is from Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia. Life is a characteristic that distinguishes objects that have signaling and self-sustaining processes (i.e., living organisms) from those that do not. Looking back through history it can [Read More…]

He Who Has The Most Toys When He Dies Wins

By Bruce Adams I remember reading a bumper sticker once that read, “He who has the most toys when he dies wins!” From the human view that many adhere to as their basis of life, that statement holds a degree of truth. For those who wish to awaken to their spiritual life however, the opposite [Read More…]