The Calling

by Bruce Adams Before hearing God sometime back in 1996, I believed my life was pretty much like most others in this world.  I was a father, a husband and a businessman. Many would say I was living the American dream:  Living in Florida with a loving family, a beautiful home on the water, complete [Read More…]

Episode 2: Why Now?

Well, what other time is there? [Read more…]

Episode 3: Bugs!

Taking up his divine mandate, Bruce is seeking answers. He finds some from an unexpected quarter in his local park. Steve, seeking guidance concerning Bruce, gets some when he hears Bruce’s tale. Thus our characters unite with the realization that there is no separation in creation. [Read more…]

Episode #4: Down at Daddy Dee’s

The (not so) big Hollywood production company heads to Florida to see for themselves whether Bruce Adams is a Prophet or a Madman. Lots of the folks from Bruce’s place of employment, Daddy Dee’s Ice Cream Parlor in Fort Myers, Florida, give their opinions as well. Bruce sums it all up with a little cosmology [Read More…]

Episode 5: Hollywood Comes to the Emerald City

We tag along as Bruce accepts an invitation to speak at a church in Tampa. Hollywood comes to the Emerald City, as Donna Jean said, among a great many other wonderful things. You gotta get a load of this lady, the Annie Oakley of higher consciousness, or is it Ellen DeGeneres…or Dolly Parton… [Read more…]

Episode 6: Talk, Bruce

About time we heard from the man himself, eh? Alright, then, just when you thought you’d heard it all, Bruce regales us with his recollection of the time and place he first heard God speak to him. We’re at the ice skating rink in Nokomis, Florida. Where else? Oh yeah, the ice skating rink is [Read More…]

Episode 7: Talk, Bruce 2

Bruce recounts how he learned to see with his spiritual eyes, reconnect with people, understand the Bible and re-write his book, “Prophet or Madman.”  All he asks for is understanding and guidance. Isn’t that all any of us really needs? Isn’t that what the Beatles said? (Oh, yeah, that’s not really them at the end. [Read More…]

Episode #8: Family, Friends, Fun, Fla.

An ex-wife, a son, a physicist, a retired N.Y.P.D. detective and even Bruce’s own minister all give us their take on Bruce Adams and his message. We think you’ll like it, but we know what we’re doing should be going on in every home. Who says? The N.Y.P.D., that’s who. [Read more…]

Episode 9: Rollin’ With the Rev. Nick

How about the testimony of an Oxford-educated theologian to add some credibility to our cause? Like Saint Paul on the road to Damascus, like the Buddha under his Boddhi tree, like countless others who have had a transformational mystical experience, Bruce is onto something special. So says the good reverend Nicholas Griffin. [Read more…]

Episode 10: The Prophet at Home

Is he a renter or an owner? Is he having a garage sale? No matter, it’s a casual weekend morning, Bruce greets us poolside in his Sunday-go-to-meeting best and lets fly with some pretty deep stuff, i.e.: “All you’ve got to do to get to heaven is (drum roll, please…) BE LOVED.” [Read more…]