Episode 11: Faces & Places – Florida

Daddy Dee’s doubles as a sort of cap meeting or tent meeting place. A heckler arises and, lo and behold, it’s Steve. The Florida morning show guy discusses ice cream and God, local parishioners are a bit more sincere and Bruce himself says, “Christian, Buddhist, Moslem, Hindu, we’re all one in the same and we [Read More…]

Episode 12: Faces & Places, Part II

Steve takes to calling Bruce “McPresence.” He’s a conduit. He attracts people and seems to bring out the best in them (excepting, maybe, the FOX News crew). Some regular folks remark: “Everything’s in divine order;” “Wake up and know that there’s a better way to live;” “All you need is love and forgiveness;” “Accept yourself [Read More…]

Episode 13: Welcome to L.A.

This is the home of Steve Allen Media – PR with a Conscience, as Steve calls it. We bring Bruce out to the other coast to begin the media campaign (of which you, dear viewer, are now a part). Just because Steve’s PR company has a conscience, doesn’t mean it lacks a sense of humor…or [Read More…]

Episode 14: L.A. One

Steve has his own transformation, as does his ’89 Honda. Meet Pa and check out the Prophet or Madman mobile. Bruce and Steve cruise the Sunset Strip, visit Beverly Hills and check out the shops on Melrose. Along the way Steve throws Bruce in with actors, producers and rock stars. How’s that going to work [Read More…]

Episode 15: Tony D.

Steve, after apologizing for cussing and admitting he’s sounding a bit too much like a salesman, shamelessly exploits his old friend Tony Denison. Well, not exactly. Tony is a wise man and what he says is really worth hearing. Unconditional love, gratitude, non-judgment, universal mind, walking on water, it’s all there. [Read more…]

Episode 16: Drivin’ & Jivin’

As they crisscross the fruited plain, or this megalopolis or that, you get to be a bug on the windshield and listen in to the chit-chat that Bruce and Steve engage in en route. What’s the one-word summary? Responsibility. It’s our responsibility, each and every one of us, to move to a state of unconditional [Read More…]

Episode 17: Hypnotized by Kelly Sulivan-Walden

To be sure, Bruce is not like the prophets of old. He’s a modern sort, open to new things. Enter Kelly, our dear pal and a certified hypnotherapist. She takes Bruce on a past-life regression. (Steve too.) The tears flow and the love grows. What would it be like if the world woke up? It [Read More…]

Episode 18: Mickey

Not Mouse. Not Cohen. Not Rourke. It’s Mickey Avalon, rock star and hardly the person you’d expect to see alongside Bruce and Steve in this adventure, but Bruce is able to once again bring out the best in people. In dialogue with Bruce, Mickey opines about communication, fame, popularity and King Solomon. Although Mickey hedges [Read More…]