The Morning Buzz | July 2, 2012

Welcome to the Morning Buzz, PRRI’s morning dose of religion-related news with a shot of data – because what doesn’t liven up a morning round-up like some public opinion numbers? I always assumed that there was a limited amount of enthusiasm that could be mustered to investigate the finer points of rye bread, but then I saw this

For those of you who are still writing and thinking about the health care reform ruling, a bit of perspective: Gallup reports that only 6% of Americans say that health care is the top problem facing the country.

Cities across the U.S. are growing rapidly, and new data from the Census Bureau shows that this urban boom is fueled by young adults, leading some to dub them “generation rent.” Urban dwelling, where living costs are more easily shared, is likely as much of an economic necessity than a choice. After all, only 8% of younger Millennials (age 18-24) live alone in an apartment, while 13% say they live with roommates, 16% say they live with a significant other, 10% live in a dormitory, and 48% say they live with their parents.

Obama is buying up ad time for the Summer Olympics, but an NBC executive warns that negative spots won’t do it for viewers of the Games. Rather, the Obama ads should be “empowering” and “upbeat.”

In a speech, Michelle Obama implored black churchgoers to get more politically involved. Black Americans are some of President Obama’s strongest supporters, but in November, turnout will be crucial.

Teenage atheists are getting organized: the Secular Student Alliance, a national organization with more than 300 clubs on college campuses, is helping establish groups for atheists in high schools. As the 2012 Millennial Values Survey showed, more and more young adults are identifying as religiously unaffiliated.

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