The Morning Buzz | Should Supreme Court Justices Take Public Opinion Into Account?

Should Supreme Court justices take public opinion into account when making decisions? Americans are divided – 47% say yes, while 45% say no. Learn more about Americans’ perspectives on the Supreme Court and affirmative action in our new survey.

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The Morning Buzz | Intermarriage Debate Divides Reform Jewish Rabbis

A debate over intermarriage is dividing Reform Jewish rabbis.

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The Morning Buzz | Expectations Set High for George P. Bush

If you’re still keeping tabs on the ongoing Bush dynasty, check out this profile of George P. Bush at the LA Times.

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The Morning Buzz | Teen Birth Rates Decline Among Hispanics

A new government report found that teen birth rates have declined substantially among Hispanic Americans over the past five years. A majority of Hispanic Americans agree that birth control should be available to teenagers age 16 and older without paren… [Read more…]

The Morning Buzz | Lawmaker Gives a Secular Invocation

An Arizona lawmaker took an unorthodox approach to the state House’s daily invocation: he acknowledged that he is an atheist, and gave a secular invocation.

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The Morning Buzz | Poverty Skyrockets in the Suburbs

A new survey from the Brookings Institution reveals that poverty is skyrocketing in the suburbs, due in part to the Great Recession.

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The Morning Buzz | Researchers Predict a Spike in Heat-Related Deaths for NYC

A new Columbia University study predicts that heat-related deaths in New York City could increase by one-third in the coming decades, thanks to climate change. More than 6-in-10 (63%) Americans agree that over the last few years, the weather has gotten… [Read more…]

The Morning Buzz | Economists and the Stock Market

Your economist friend is probably not your best source of advice when it comes to the stock market.

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The Morning Buzz | Doomsday Prophet’s Radio Network May Fold

It’s curtains for the radio network founded by doomsday prophet Harold Camping, who predicted that the end of the world would happen two years ago. Although more than one-third (36%) of Americans believe that the severity of recent natural disasters is… [Read more…]

Our Corner | Remember Civil Unions? The Shifting Middle Ground in the Same-sex Marriage Debate

Why have civil unions lost momentum? At the Monkey Cage, Dr. Robert P. Jones and Daniel Cox explore shifts in public opinion on civil unions over the past decade.

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