Figuring Faith | Romney’s High-Wire Act on Religion at the Republican Convention

In his speech at the Republican National Convention, Romney will need to discuss his Mormon faith without delving into the specifics of Mormon theology.

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The Morning Buzz | Children Choose Atheist Summer Camp

Another sign that religious unaffiliation is taking root in America, especially among the younger generation: now children are going away to atheist summer camp.

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Our Corner | Who Best Represents American Catholics?

This Friday, on NPR’s “Tell Me More,” Dr. Robert P. Jones discussed the Catholic vote. For the first time, both major political parties have Catholic vice presidential Catholics

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To Expand Hispanic Base, GOP May Need to Shelve Social Issues (At Least, For Now)

The Romney campaign wants to expand its Hispanic voting base. To do so, however, they may need to talk more about immigration and less about social issues.

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The Morning Buzz | Cardinal Dolan Will Offer Blessing at Republican Convention

Roman Catholic Cardinal Timothy Dolan will offer the closing blessing at the Republican National Convention (assuming it’s not derailed by Hurricane Isaac), suggesting that the U.S. Catholic Bishops’ denunciation of VP candidate Paul Ryan’s proposed bu… [Read more…]

Most Americans Support Allowing Women to Obtain Abortions in Cases of Rape

Strong majorities of religious Americans support abortion rights in four of seven circumstances.

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The Morning Buzz | GOP Platform Includes Support for Ban on Shari’a Law

The GOP platform will include a plank supporting a ban on the use of foreign law (including Shari’a, or Islamic law) in U.S. courtrooms.

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The Morning Buzz | Does Facebook Inspire Millennials to Overshare?

One college professor says that Facebook is inspiring his students to overshare.

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Joining the Party: On Abortion and Same-sex Marriage, Hispanic American Partisans Are as Polarized as the Public

How socially conservative are Hispanic Americans, how persuadable are Hispanic Americans on social issues, and how important are these issues to Hispanic American voters?

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The Morning Buzz | How Many Americans Believe Abortion Should Always Be Illegal?

GOP Missouri Senate candidate Todd Akin threw the political world into a tizzy on Sunday morning, when he declared that women could not get pregnant from “legitimate rape,” and that abortion should therefore be illegal in all circumstances.

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