Merry Christmas vs. Happy Holidays

The battle of “Merry Christmas” vs. “Happy Holidays” is feistier than ever this year. Our latest public opinion numbers on holiday greetings and festivities. … [Read more...]

Morning Buzz | Countries Agree to Reduce Fossil Fuel Emissions in Climate Accord

In today's buzz, RAC Director Rabbi David Saperstein to serve as ambassador for international religious freedom, plus Bill Nye explains evolution using emoji. … [Read more...]

Morning Buzz | Congress Reauthorizes Bill, Tracks Police Shootings

In today's buzz, America's law enforcement on trial, police shootings on record, and religious pilgrimages on the rise. … [Read more...]

PRRI CEO Robert P. Jones Appears on the BBC

PRRI CEO Robert P. Jones brings PRRI data across the pond to the BBC World Service radio program Newsday. … [Read more...]

Morning Buzz | “Noah’s Ark” Theme Park May Promote Religion

In today's buzz, immigration is on the rise, lefties are making less money, and marijuana may be out before it's in for DC residents. … [Read more...]

PRRI on Georgia Public Broadcasting

PRRI CEO Robert P. Jones tackles race and criminal justice questions on Georgia’s Public Broadcasting’s “On Second Thought” during his second appearance on the show this week. … [Read more...]

Morning Buzz | Protests Slow Down North American Pipeline Projects

In today's buzz, resistance to Keystone XL impacts other pipeline projects, complications between Democrats and the white working class, and the crowning of TIME's Person of the Year. … [Read more...]

Morning Buzz | CIA’s “Torture Report” Worse Than Anticipated

In today's buzz, the CIA's detention and interrogation programs fall under scrutiny after release of "torture report," plus why Americans have stopped building churches. … [Read more...]

Morning Buzz | Walgreens Selling Hanukkah Gift Wrap with Swastikas

In today's buzz, seven states have articles banning atheists from holding public office and nine percent of NY's marriages are now same-sex. … [Read more...]

In the New York Times | “Riveting Session” on Climate Change at AAR

In an article featuring American Academy of Religion (AAR) President Laurie Zoloth, the New York Times highlighted the release of PRRI’s climate change report. … [Read more...]