PRRI Prepares to Launch New Survey on What Americans Want from Immigration Reform

Today's Buzz covers the launch of our new immigration report, the increase of economic insecurity across the United States, and physician assisted-suicide! … [Read more...]

What Religiously Unaffiliated Americans Really Believe…About Faith Groups Today

Do most non-religious Americans really view faith groups with hostility? PRRI’s 2013 American Values Survey offers some answers by asking how all Americans, including the roughly 1-in-5 (18 percent) who identify as religiously unaffiliated, feel toward a variety of different religious traditions. … [Read more...]

The New York Times Cites PRRI in Exploration of Immigration

In the face of inaction by the House, Julia Preston's latest for The New York Times features PRRI's Hispanic Values Survey findings in exploring debates among immigrants currently living in the United States illegally over whether to hold out for a citizenship-only legislative approach or to settle for more protections that stop short of citizenship. … [Read more...]

Undocumented Immigrants Divided on Whether to Aim for Citizenship or Settle for Protections

Today's Buzz covers immigration reform, evidence of ancient women priests, and a minister's suspension for officiating his son's same-sex wedding. … [Read more...]

Muslim Prisoners in Michigan to Receive Halal Meals

Today's Buzz covers prison meals, speed-faithing and 2013's word of the year! … [Read more...]

Former Vice President Cheney’s Daughters Feud Over Same-Sex Marriage

Today's Buzz covers disputes over same-sex marriage, new research on morality and the role churches are playing to help people throughout the Philippines cope following Typhoon Haiyan. … [Read more...]

Atheist: Still a Scarlet Letter in American Politics?

Today's Buzz covers the challenges facing religiously unaffiliated candidates in American politics today, as well as China's move to relax its one-child policy and a new poll showing American voters are angrier than ever! … [Read more...]

Atheist: Still a Scarlet Letter in American Politics?

Making the distinction between being an atheist and identifying as religiously unaffiliated may seem minor, but the difference between the two is surprisingly significant in the minds of many Americans. … [Read more...]

Could Problems Implementing Obamacare Hurt Democrats Down the Road?

Today's Buzz covers debates over the separation of church and state in Quebec, as well as the potential long-term effects of Obamacare's implementation. … [Read more...]

Most Americans Back Minimum Wage Increase, With Two Notable Exceptions

President Obama made headlines earlier this week by announcing his support for the Harkin-Miller bill, which would raise the federal minimum wage from $7.25 to $10.10. PRRI’s recently released 2013 American Values Survey explored public opinion on increasing the minimum wage from $7.25 to $10.00 an hour, finding that more than 7-in-10 (71 percent) Americans support raising the minimum wage while roughly 1-in-4 (24 percent) oppose. … [Read more...]