Animation from Scratch

This is just a quick entry to share a couple of useful sites I’ve learned about recently (one about a month or two ago, the other yesterday). The first is the site of a program called Scratch which one can download freely from the MIT web site. It allows one to make one’s own animation and even simple games through a much simpler interface than writing code could ever be (even in old fashioned BASIC, for those of us who remember it).

The second site is called “Stock Xchng” and is simply a useful source for ‘stock photos’. Those of us who maintain and develop web pages or use powerpoint in class are always looking for images relevant to various topics that can illustrate or even simply adorn, and my colleague, who is working on a web site about religious diversity in Indianapolis, drew it to my attention. (By the way, he is still trying to decide whether “Sects in the City” or “INsects” is a better name for the site, so if you have an opinion, feel free to make it known!)

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