Starship Battles

I know many readers of my blog are Star Wars fans. I recently purchased the Star Wars Miniatures Starship Battles Starter Set, and can highly recommend it. Created by Wizards of the Coast, who are also responsible for the Star Wars Miniatures game (involving individual characters rather than ships) and currently also produce the Dungeons and Dragons line of products.

Those of us who appreciate these sorts of games will welcome this. The Star Trek game Starfleet Battles was a famous attempt at creating a game in which one can reenact combat between starships, but it was extremely cumbersome in its attempts to emulate all the various workings of a starship as portrayed in the Star Trek series. Wishing to introduce my son to these sorts of games in a simpler form, a while back I came up with my own Simple Starship Combat Simulation rules, which are available online. I am rather pleased that they would seem to be no longer needed, and that one can play this sort of game with miniatures that are a significant improvement over the old pewter ones or cardboard cutouts we used to use.

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