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Invasion Myths and DNA

It is not only in relation to the origins of the Israelites that DNA evidence has the potential to solve longstanding mysteries about the origins of a people group. Since the colonial era, when light-skinned Europeans took control of India, it has seemed plausible to many European scholars to interpret the Vedas as reflecting the [Read More…]

Missed Meeting (SNTS 2007, Sibiu, Romania)

SNTS (usually referred to as the ‘Society for New Testament Studies’ by English speakers, although it is technically the STUDIORUM NOVI TESTAMENTI SOCIETAS) apparently held its annual meeting this year in Sibiu, Romania, which is my wife’s home town. It would have been nice to go, but for that to have happened, I would have [Read More…]

The Other McGrath Interviewed By Richard Dawkins

There is an interesting interview of Alister McGrath by Richard Dawkins that is available on Google Video, an interview that never made it into Dawkins’ program The Root Of All Evil: Dawkins says he wants to give McGrath the opportunity to say something intelligent. McGrath does so, but it doesn’t get into the film. Dawkins [Read More…]

Design, Information, and languages such as DNA and Indo-European

I’m currently involved in a discussion on the Uncommon Descent blog, and while my post there awaits moderation, I thought I’d share it here. Since those in the natural sciences would generally not consider my field a science (except perhaps in Germany, where it is all Wissenschaft), I won’t get entangled in a debate about [Read More…]

Family History (my great-great-great-uncle was a theologian)

It has been a while since I’ve been able to devote any serious time to my investigations into my family history. High on the list of priorities is learning Slovak and improving my Hungarian, so that I can do research on the only other theologian that I am aware of in my family’s history. Joszef [Read More…]


I’ve now had the privilege of witnessing total eclipses of both the sun and moon during optimal viewing conditions. Although solar eclipses are somewhat more spectacular, watching the earth’s shadow move across the moon was still a great experience – as was hearing our neighborhood screech owl’s reaction, and getting a better view of the [Read More…]

Critical Thinking and Religion: Science, Genetics, and Israelite Origins

In my next religion and science class, we’ll be discussing Steven Schafersman’s “An Introduction to Science: Scientific Thinking and the Scientific Method.” This piece, which the author has made available online, is intended to do what some science textbooks skip, namely introduce the scientific method, which Schafersman considers to be applicable to all disciplines and [Read More…]

The Good German

I occasionally mention movies on my blog, but only rarely does one impress me to such a degree that I devote a blog entry to it for its own sake. The movie The Good German, starring George Clooney and Cate Blanchette, is such a movie. Filmed in black and white, it is not merely an [Read More…]

Lucky Winners

Stanley Porter and Gordon Heath address a question in their recent book The Lost Gospel of Judas: Separating Fact from Fiction that is also addressed in the book by Jones I discussed in my last blog entry, the question (raised in particular by Bart Ehrman) of whether the views that became later ‘orthodox’ Christianity were [Read More…]

Misquoting Ehrman?

I just read Timothy Paul Jones’ little book Misquoting Truth: A Guide to the Fallacies of Bart Ehrman’s “Misquoting Jesus”, which sets about to expose the “fallicies” of not one but two of Bart Ehrman’s recent books, Misquoting Jesus and Lost Christianities. Jones’ book is full of entertaining Star Wars references, making it worth its [Read More…]