Michael Behe vs. The Mousetraps Video Game

One reason Intelligent Design has trouble being taken seriously is because it lacks what all cool things must have nowadays: its own video game. To show that I have nothing personal against the proponents of ID, I thought I’d help by rectifying the problem.

In the game I created, using MIT’s Scratch program, you play Michael Behe (yes it really is him, but you have to look really closely), being chased in a nightmare by four of Ken Miller’s mousetrap tie clips. As you avoid them and navigate the maze, you pick up dots marked ID to score points with the Intelligent Design crowd. Get the bacterium with the irreducibly complex flagellum for bonus points. Click the green flag to start, then choose as many mousetrap enemies as you wish, then click GO. Use the arrow keys to move.

Learn more about this project

If the Java applet above doesn’t work on your browser, click on the image below to go to the Scratch site and play the game there. Have fun!

Scratch Project

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  • I love the Ken Miller Mousetrap Tie clip reference!! Very nice work!!