Oceanic Flight 815 Was Shot Down

I have to admit, the bit about the nanobots in the quiches was pretty funny. But the top moment in this past week’s episode of “Chuck” has to be the allusion to LOST, when Chuck, revealing various government secrets, adds to the list “Oceanic Flight 815 was shot down…” Exactly what he says after that is not entirely clear, but apparently the closed captioning was clearer: the continuation was “by a surface-to-air missile”. Fans got excited on forums around the internet, but this is presumably an attempt at humor (and a really good one, I might add), rather than a different network offering something ‘canonical’. As one commenter on a particular forum pointed out, to take it too seriously might lead one to expect that next we’ll learn that Sawyer went to jail for conning Earl on “My Name Is Earl”, and that Shannon was one of Rachel’s friends on “Friends”. 🙂

I wonder if the makers of Chuck offered this hommage as a way of thanking the LOST powers that be for the fact that, come 2008, LOST will be up against Bionic Woman, depending on the time it airs, but will not be moved to Monday nights when it could potentially compete with Chuck! But it is probably just a nod to what has proven to be a significant cultural phenomenon of our time, with a huge fan base.

So thank you, script writers for Chuck, for keeping us entertained in the present. I love LOST, but so far I am enjoying Chuck, not least because I don’t have to wait until February to watch it! 🙂

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