Taking the Bible Literally – ALL OF IT!

Given my penchant for discussing Biblical literalism on this blog, I must share this piece of news. Apparently a book has recently come out about the experiences of one man who tried to take the whole Bible completely literally – in every detail – for a year. I simply must read this book! It is by A. J. Jacobs, and the title is The Year of Living Biblically: One Man’s Humble Quest to Follow the Bible as Literally as Possible.

There is a debate about it on Slate, and a sample chapter and video on MSNBC.

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  • Ian

    Actually it’s out already – I saw it at Borders two weekends ago.

  • Thanks – I tweaked the wording of the post to reflect this, and have placed a hold on the book at my public library, where it is on order. Only 70 people ahead of me. 🙂 I may just go buy a copy – it sounds like it is worth owning.

  • Thanks for providing the info and links. The MSNBC excerpt is absolutely hilarious!! This book is on my Amazon short list (i.e., in my cart) for my next round of purchases, along with Jim and Casper Go to Church.

  • Oops … the link doesn’t work.Try http://doiop.com/jimandcasper for Jim and Casper Go to Church.