A New Look (same old content)

I thought I’d try tinkering with the blog’s layout and appearance a little. With Matrix in the title, I thought maybe what you now see might be a bit more appropriate. Let me know if you have an opinion about it. I’m probably not done tinkering with it for good, so if you make a suggestion, who knows, you might just get what you ask for! I also wonder from time to time whether the various widgets and newsfeeds on the blog are useful and interesting to anyone. Please leave a comment about that too!

In other news, I’ve been welcomed into the Christian Century network of blogs – independent blogs that have in common the discussion of theology, which of course is something we do here pretty regularly. Anyway, that’s the reason for the additional logo on the web page.

Have a happy Thanksgiving!

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  • Well, let me be the first then to offer you congratulations on both your new network and your new look.It was a bit of a shock for me this early in the morning but after some musing I’ve decided I like the new look. It is rather stylishly done.

  • Anonymous

    I think the look is ok. It looks sober and stylish.All those widgets with headlines and stuff is another matter, though.It takes forever to load the page because of them and if you read your blogs from a feeder, which I think most are, they only see those widgets and suffer the annoyingly slow loading of the blog when they want to comment./Andreas

  • Coincidentally, I am also in the process of becoming a CC blogger! I’ve purchased my own domain, but things are not up and running yet.And I like the new “matrix” look.

  • Congratulations and glad I’ve found your blog.

  • Love the new banner. One thing that I liked better about the old layout was that it was space-filling: it adjusted the width of the column to the width of the monitor. Otherwise, I think the new layout looks great.And I, for one, enjoy perusing the “blogs I’ve been reading” widget. I’ve come across some great articles that way. Yeah, it does slow the loading a bit, but that doesn’t bother me much.

  • Thanks for the input – I’ve tinkered once again, trying a variation on the old layout but with changes to the header.Let me also ask if the SnapShots widget is worth keeping. That’s the one that gives you the popup preview of web links. I thought it is a nice feature, but it may not work for everyone equally well. Please let me know if you really like or dislike it!I’ve eliminated many of the other feeds and widgets, but kept the Google Reader feeds (Blogs I’ve Been Reading), since I think it is a useful element.If you preferred one of the previous formats I tried over the past few days to this one, let me know!

  • Just one opinion … but I hate the snapshots thing. When wordpress introduced it, I switched mine off immediately.

  • BSM

    Overall it looks good. Your header comes up about 2″ short on my monitor so you might play with that. It’d also be nice to see a link to a brief profile. Borrowing from your guest post, your blog is the one link I have to blogs of “religious naturalists”, moderate to liberal Christians, etc. I’m not sure if that’s me or if I’m an Ehrman “happy agnostic” (or atheist). ~BCP