Ghostwriting Faith

It is interesting to compare the case of the recent book “by” Antony Flew with an article that appeared in Salon magazine today about the story that is usually told about how George Bush came to faith. In both cases, it seems to be those responsible for ghostwriting books and those responsible for press releases and publicity that in both cases have put words in the mouths of others.

Mel White used to be a ghostwriter, and his book Religion Gone Bad also sheds light on how the presence of a famous person’s name on the cover need not indicate that the alleged “author” actually wrote any part of the book.

We live in a time when we cannot trust pictures – they are so easy to photoshop. Now we cannot even trust what we read to tell us about the views of the “author” whose name is on the cover.

Perhaps, at the very least, this will put the issue of pseudepigraphy in the Bible in proper perspective…

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