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The Higgaion blog pointed out an article in the LA Times about Christians praying…for the end of the writers’ strike! Although these seem to have been industry insiders, the story led me to wonder how many other Christians around the United States are offering up similar prayers. I doubt that many of the Christians who have been praying in this way have thought about issues of justice and fairness when doing so. They just want their TV viewing to continue uninterrupted.

I’m tempted to pray that the strike will continue, because of all the things these same Christians might find they suddenly have time to do if they can’t vegitate in front of the TV:

  • play with your children
  • learn a language
  • read a serious academic book about the Bible
  • read a serious academic book about theology
  • read a serious book about the history of the Church
  • read a serious academic book about science
  • go to a museum
  • look at your spouse instead of sitting next to your spouse while staring at the box in the corner of the room
  • listen to a symphony
  • go to a concert
  • watch birds
  • look up at the sky

Why do I have a funny feeling that anyone trying to do that last one would at the same time be wondering what would have happened on Desperate Housewives if it hadn’t been for the darned strike?

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  • Ian

    Can we hope that they are praying for social justice and a fair deal for writers? 😉

  • Actually, my only strong reaction to the possibility that the strike will stop production on the shows I’m watching was to think, “Well, that’ll give me time to watch the first two seasons of Heroes.” (if it’s not obvious, I just started watching it this season, so I missed the earlier seasons)Whenever it ends, I hope for an equitable and fair arrangement for both sides.

  • Perhaps it really is time to start praying about this…there is talk of them cancelling Battlestar Galactica!!! 🙁

  • BSM

    Hah that’s funny!As an atheist I’ve been praying that reality tv would end. I’ve also prayed that the new bionic woman would take acting lessons. So far no luck.

  • BSM

    Nuts! Just saw your post about BSG!Say it isn’t so!!!