Ironically NOT Expelled From Expelled

Apparently a post I wrote complaining about censorship has appeared on the site of the forthcoming movie Expelled. They presumably didn’t catch that I was being censored by proponents of Intelligent Design. (Thanks to The Austringer for noticing this had been posted.) I wonder if they will censor my post about censorship if they realize.

I’ve also posted a comment on the Expelled blog, but rather than direct you to that, I’d rather share a quote (a ‘second quote of the day’, as it were) that was posted there by someone calling himself ‘Boris’:

“Blaming Darwin for the Holocaust is like blaming the Wright brothers for 9/11.”
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  • ntWrong

    I don’t know whether you noticed, but I tagged you to participate in a “Top Ten scripture verses” meme (part 1; part 2).If you’d rather not, it’s OK. But I found it to be a rather interesting challenge.

  • James F. McGrath

    I’m still trying to figure out how I read the post and missed the final bit where you tagged me! I must have been distracted or something. Anyway, the infection will not end with me – you have my word on it! :)

  • The Factician

    Take screen shots. I suspect it won’t be there for long.

  • TomS

    Re: The quotation about the Holocaust and Darwin.It seems to me that this concedes too much to the anti-evolutionists. Of course, there was an attempt to appeal to a scientific base. But there was nothing about Darwin’s concepts involved. There were the age-old ideas about selective breeding, to be sure. That is hardly “darwinian”. Remember that Darwin was famous for natural selection, and there is nothing “natural” about what was going on. To the contrary, the feeling was that there had to be some purposeful, intelligent intervention.And in the early 20th century there was the “eclipse of darwinism”, when “darwinian evolution” was out of favor. Just as today’s anti-evolutionists don’t understand that natural, undirected causes can be effective and productive, so in the early 20th century.You will find very little in the way of “darwinian” ideas in those social/political movements of the early 20th century. “Lamarckian” evolution, yes. “Mendelian genetics”, yes. And even “Bergsonian elan vital”. What you will find are now-discounted ideas of evolution. Now-discounted, except among the creationists.For the creationists, as they often insist on reminding us, accept evolution within a “kind”. And, insofar as there is any evolution in the “scientific” pretext for those early-20th-century movements, it was evolution within “mankind”. To be sure, nothing about the origins of the vertebrate eye, or any of the points of contention of the anti-evolutionists.

  • Carlos

    I just used this line about Darwinism and the Holocaust over on Uncommon Descent — from which I have not been banned. Maybe because I’m too polite?

  • James F. McGrath

    How dare you malign my politeness, Carl? Do you wish to be banned from this blog?Just kidding. You may well be right – I am sure my penchant for sarcasm didn’t help. But there are certainly some polite-sounding individuals who have been banned from there, while there are less-than-polite bloggers who post there regularly, so I’m not sure how much politeness has to do with it, in the end.Anyway, I wish you a long and fruitful stay on Uncommon Descent. You’ll always be welcome here…as long as you’re polite, of course! :)

  • Carlos

    Thanks, James!In fact, I don’t think politeness has all that much to do with it. It pretty much comes down to whether or not one pisses off DaveScot, according to whatever largely arbitrary criteria he’s using on any particular day. He’s clearly a loose cannon, and one that Dembski is happy to have around.

  • Robert Duquette

    The quote by Boris is superb! I thought about posting something similar to that but all I could think of was “Blaming Darwin for the Holocaust is like blaming Alfred Nobel for suicide bombers”. The Boris quote is much better.