Sterling Who’s Who – More On The “Misunderstanding”

UPDATE: I have received information suggesting that the currently-existing company Sterling Who’s Who is different from the one prosecuted in 1995. I personally have no way of verifying whether any of the same individuals are or are not involved in the company, but my assumption that this was a continuous company was based on the continuity of name and specialty. If I was in error about this, I certainly do apologize. I do not think that this can be constituted defamation of character, since it is natural to assume continuity of some sort when there is a continuity of name and other features.

I have posted a new entry about the status of the situation. The company refunded my money, and so I now consider the matter to have been resolved. Please click here to read about it.

Now that I look more closely, the signs are all there. Pretty much all the people who, on their web sites, claim to be listed in the Sterling Who’s Who either signed up around 1994-1995 (when a company with the same name was sued) or very recently. If you check the internet archive, their web site is pretty much brand new. When I sent e-mails to all those listed on their web page, that to the webmaster bounced back (indicating they have the address but no institutional infrastructure is associated with it) and some of the e-mail addresses are with Hotmail.

Don’t be duped! I’m using this opportunity to post this public warning, since I wish someone else had done the same before I was tricked.
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  • Anonymous

    Thanks a lot! I received also the same call, but I’ve been subject to similar calls recently, so I managed to get from $889 lifetime membership to $99 one-year renewable offer, and call them back tomorrow. Now, I know what to do! Thanks,FM

  • Anonymous

    THE WRONG STERLINGSterling Who’s Who circa 1994 : 2004 Sterling Who’s Who are two separate entities, with no affiliation. While they have the same name the ownership is completely different and 2004 Sterling Who’s Who is a new company with different programs. The company that was prosecuted in the mid 90’s no longer exists. In order to verify refer to NYS Department of State Business Entity Database Or refer to:;=case&no;=001122&exact;=1

  • Anonymous

    To FM:Be very careful if they contact you again!!! Last year Sterling Who´s Who managed to convince me to accept their one year offer for 99 USD. Yesterday they called me and offered something for 498 USD. I did not agree. They suddenly hung up. I contacted Master Card immediately to block my credit card. While I was on the phone with MasterCard they used my credit card data from last year and ordered to debit my credit card with 518 USD. They were only seconds quicker than I was. I hope I will get my money back.