A Plan To Undermine Intelligent Design – But Someone Beat Me To It!

If I really wanted to undermine intelligent design, this is what I would do. I would create a web site (with blog) that talks about the earth being intelligently designed recently, combining ID and young earth creationism so that it is harder than ever to argue that there is any real distinction between them. Then I would fill the blog with irate nonsense and malicious accusations, making much of Darwin beating a puppy (as though young-earth creationists are always kind to animals) and sex-change operations, and engaging in the sorts of arguments that no Christian would spend time focusing on. In other words, engage in satire but present it as though it were completely serious.

Apparently someone beat me to it. Thanks, Salvador Cordova, for your work in undermining Intelligent Design. It is much appreciated! I assume you just sit back and laugh when people read your nonsensical posts and take them seriously, right? You must get a real kick out of it!

Thanks also to “For The Kids” for all the same reasons. I’m so utterly convinced that no one could so badly misunderstand the nature of the scientific evidence that you are making ridiculous arguments partly for entertainment of the educated (we love parody) and partly to undermine the credibility of young-earth creationists and cdesign proponentsists.

For instance, at Reasonable Kansans, “For The Kids” has the following clip art posted:

It is presumably intended to highlight the fact that, had God created the universe through miraculous means rather than through natural processes, and wanted us to be able to detect his having done so, all he had to do was stamp “MADE BY GOD (c) 6,000 BC” on the DNA of all living things (in Hebrew, English – it wouldn’t really matter) and the message would be clear. Yet in all the focus on the alleged clarity of the evidence, ID doesn’t explain why God, who supposedly wanted the evidence to be clear, didn’t make it clear in precisely this way. Thank you for highlighting this, FTK. Thank you as well for the humorous because implausible way you suggest that you, allegedly a Christian, could take delight at an atheist’s pain, even if self-inflicted.
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  • lol… Here’s a suggestion. Why not look at the antics coming from your own camp before you try to sniff out something to whine about from our side of the fence.You can start your clean up duties right here.Sal and I aren’t perfect, but we don’t even come close to the nonsense spewed at AtBC and other pro-Darwin blogs and forums.All the best and have a nice day!

  • Oh, hey, you forgot to share this ONE!Cool, huh? And, so very true.

  • I am still befuddled why evolution both gets misinterpreted regarding what it actually means and second that the scientific veracity of it is questioned. I can say that its not snowing outside my office window right now, but damned if it’s not. I just have to step outside…Anywho, on another note I love the post on Michael Vick here: http://www.youngcosmos.com/blog/archives/135.I pretty much am still laughing. I do hope its all parody because if so, it works. If it’s not, my amusement will be broken up with pity… 🙁

  • …and another thing. The .jpg that For The Kids posted regarding the Evolution crusade is making an awfully irrational statement. So scientists are defining what science is? Um, what’s the problem with that? Should theologians make that decision? Maybe English professors should tell us what physics is then. English professors who believe in God only.People who assert the veracity of evolution have not killed anyone who disagrees. We cannot say the same for dogmatic Christians. So the evolutionary crusade has not been all that successful now has it?I have not met a single scientist who wields a bitchin’ sword like that. However, many Christians have killed folks who who disagree with them.This image is an instance of a classic strawman argument. It is irrational and stupid.Cheers!

  • For the Kids has to be a parody – can you imagine someone who was actually a Christian saying ‘Don’t complain about us, the atheists (or Darwinians, or whoever it was she is lumping me together with) are just as bad’? It has to be a parody – and if she is for real, then laughter is the only way to cope with the sinking sense of despair…