Christmas Present For Star Wars Fans

For those not boycotting Christmas because it is either too Christian, or not Christian enough, or too commercialized, or not commercialized enough, let me recommend the Star Wars Miniatures Game. It is nowhere near as complex as your typical role playing game, but a lot more flexible and imaginative than the typical constraints of the average board game. One plays the role of individuals from the Star Wars universe, and you can either reenact battles and scenes from the movies, or just engage in battles between two sides. You can stick to the script, or set an army of the fiercest Sith every against the Jedi heroes of all eras. Fun for all ages. On eBay they have some rare items (like the Target exclusive Battle of Hoth scenario pack, sold out at Target in my area) and individual miniatures as well as starter sets. Makes a great gift!

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