Intelligently-Designed Gnostic Hermaphrodite Sex

Apparently searching for “sex hermaphrodites” can lead one to my page on Intelligent Design and Gnosticism. I don’t find either word on that post. Perhaps among the comments? Anyway, apologies to anyone who comes to my blog via a search engine and finds the contents don’t quite live up to what they were expecting. I’m guessing this person found what they were looking for, though, since apparently it was on the seventh page of search results.

If such a search led one anywhere I my blog I would have thought it would be here

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  • Quixie

    Yeah. It’s not as if you had mentioned the Ophites or “Secret Mark” or anything like that in the post.My guess is that the word “anthropomorphic” set off some trigger somewhere which linked to the word “hermaphrodite” in some content-scanning algorithm. (just a hunch)”BOT” programs use all kinds of lists of esoteric terms (Greek prefixes and suffixes in this case) which trigger each other off in the retrieval process of database searches.Similar linking is the basis of the technology that enables music services to analyze what we listen to and then suggest things that are “similar” somehow.

  • geocreationist

    I have been finding non-sensical links to my own blog, from other blogs that are nothing but random content generators. There are a couple of anchor words linking to me as a result that have nothing to do with my blog.