Latest Christmas Blogging

A few more Christmas-related blog entries, following up on my one-stop Christmas blogging link collection. It seemed better to have a follow-up entry than to extend that one indefinitely…

A Novelist On The Nativity

Christmas Wishes from around the Anglican Communion

Christmas in the Trenches by Jim Wallis

Bethlehem vs. Nazareth: The Claim To Fame Smackdown

Oh Blessed Be The Time and Oh Little Town Of Bethlehem by Metacatholic

Food For Thought: The Birth Of Jesus

Why The Need For A Vulnerable God?

Dating Christmas (and a Christmas Sermon on Dates)

More Shots Fired In War On Advent

Merry Christmas (or Chirstmas) from Metacrock. And from C. Orthodoxy. And from Ken Schenck. And Duane Smith

Three Christmas Stories For The Second Half Of Life

Hark The Herald Angels Sing – the full lyrics, with some more about Charles Wesley.

Christmas Presidential Politics

The Wreath Of God

Barna Survey: Americans’ Views On The Virgin Birth

Win The War On Christmas By Losing

Christians Against Christmas

Santa Crucified

Star Of The East

The Nativity Stories compared (HT Find And You Shall Seek)

Theological Epicycles

Evolution and Incarnation

Scrooge In Reverse, An Obama Christmas and Love Made Visible from Pastor Bob Cornwall

Bumpy Ride To Bethlehem, Christmas In The Public Space, Rethinking The Incarnation In Time For Christmas, and The Archbishop and Baby in the Manger at Find And You Shall Seek

Religion Reporters Do Love Their Christmas Legends and A Christmas Legend, Or A License To Lie? deal with media reports about things Rowan Williams supposedly said. See also the Cartoon Blog on this topic.

Jim West on Archaeological Evidence and the Birth of Jesus

Christmas and the First Church Growth Consultant

Give Them What They Really Want (for Christmas)

Scot McKnight has an ongoing series on Christmas Words

Philip Harland has a collection that ranges from extracanonical Gospels to Ella Fitzgerald

Confessions Of A Half-Hearted Christmas Radical

A X-mas Call For Scientists and Christian Leaders to Unite

An Arabic Christmas Carol

A Muslim Recommends Putting “Christ” Back In Christmas

The True Origin of Santa Claus

Happy Yalda (Winter Solstice)

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For Valentine’s Day
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