Many Paths Lead To Exploring Our Matrix

Some keyword searches that have led people to my blog. Others have shared theirs and I’ve found them amusing. Mine can scarcely compete, but at least they illustrate the range of interests our fellow human beings have. The words in parentheses are my comments.

deja vu god has made up his mind
study on dihydrogen monoxide
death by a black hole dihydrogen monoxide
guillermo gonzalez astrologer
christmas in mark’s gospel
i want seminar on practice makes man perfect
lost bentham hedonic calculus jack
tim lahaye quotes (which led them to this page )
why did mark go to bethlehem
doctor who christian blog
quotation marks journalism (don’t get me started on this again…)
a mind is like… g k chesterton
luke skywalker for his sister (eww)
science study what cannot be sean (led to a post about Sean B. Carroll…who can be seen – I know, I’ve seen him)
neil peart poetry
Jesus is counter cultural
funny romanian phrases (led here)
michio kaku is an idiot

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    I once posted about “Naughty Nuns” in the context of talking about some nuns who got excommunicated for being part of the Army of Mary.I get people searching for that almost every day now. Maybe I should have made the story more titillating: I can’t imagine they were very happy to find out what I was actually writing about.