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Repost of a Christian-Atheist Dialogue

What follows is a lengthy discussion I had with an atheist earlier this year on my old blog. I thought it might be of interest to regular readers and to new visitors from Pharyngula and elsewhere around the blogosphere where I have been involved in conversations. _________________________________ Andrew Krause was kind enough to send me [Read More…]

Quote of the Day (Michael Polanyi)

“It is the height of intellectual perversity to renounce, in the name of scientific objectivity, our position as the highest form of life on earth, and our own advent by a process of evolution as the most important problem of evolution” (Michael Polanyi, The Tacit Dimension (London: Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1967) p.47). [Read more…]

Italian Parma Spam

Here’s a variation on the hoax allegedly from a French organization, this time connected with an Italian one. As with that one, a real organization is used, but the e-mail clearly is not from them. The address it was sent from is and the other one mentioned is a Norwegian Yahoo! address. Don’t fall [Read More…]

How to be a good Christian

Lots of people take pleasure in denying the label “Christian” (or at least “real Christian” or “true Christian” to others). A story about a pious grandmother told on the Ancient Hebrew Poetry blog led me to ask yet again what it means to be a Christian, and how one defines a “good” one. That grandmotherly [Read More…]

Prophesize Me!

OK, I have finally submitted final grades, which were due today at 10am. This marks the end of what was probably the toughest semester thus far for me, just in terms of getting behind on grading. Dealing with getting my tenure dossier submitted, then a week-long conference trip, plus food poisoning twice and roughly seven [Read More…]

All Roads Lead To Exploring Our Matrix

A lot of people have been finding their way here searching for information about the black screen after login problem on Windows Vista. I hope Other popular search terms that have been leading people here over the past day or so include: indiana jones relevant archeologydna research harappaoh my gosh in hebrewmousetrap tie clipfamily tree [Read More…]

What Matthew, Luke And Thomas Have In Common

The Gospels of Matthew, Luke and Thomas all share in common certain familiar parables. They also share the fact that each one supplements that core of common parables with others (presumably of their own creation, although some may also have been inherited from earlier sources, whether living, oral or written). It had never occurred to [Read More…]

Congratulations! You Won A Lottery You Didn’t Enter And Inherited Money From Someone You Didn’t Know, All In One Day!

Really, how stupid do these spammers think people are? Would anyone send their personal information to someone who claims a dead guy in Nigeria left them money, or they won a UK lottery they didn’t give their e-mail address to? Would anyone believe that the representative of the National Lottery in the UK has a [Read More…]

A Mathematician, A Computer Scientist And An Engineer Walk Into A Bar…I Mean, A Biology Classroom

The Uncommon Descent blog asks why so many skeptics of Darwinian evolution tend to be mathematicians, engineers and people qualified in similar fields. Finally, at least they are asking the right questions – at least implicitly, the question recognizes that biologists aren’t skeptical, and that those who lead the antievolution campaigns aren’t biologists. The answer [Read More…]

This Is Only A Parody

DISCLAIMER: What follows is a parody. Any suspicion that what follows reflects actual events and the genuine involvement of the persons mentioned is misguided. None of the persons mentioned – Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, William Dembski, the Pope, FTK, cdesign proponentsists, flat earthers, penguins, camels, Barry Manilow and amoebas – has approved of this parody [Read More…]