SYSTEM FAILURE December 26, 2007

I would hope that most readers will read the title of this entry and think first of the closing segment of the movie The Matrix. Alas, my use of the phrase here is far more mundane. Windows Vista finally crashed on me utterly and completely. I’m attempting to reinstall Windows XP and there are still a few glitches but progress is being made. It is time for someone to tell me again why I should switch to Linux. Perhaps I am finally ready to free my mind and escape the grasp of the Matrix…

I hope all those reading this had an error-free Christmas! 🙂

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  • George

    If you don’t do much work with proprietary software and are moderately computer literate, there’s no reason not to switch to Linux. Unfortunately, I fail the first requirement (I work with lots of Windows-only software).

  • Ditto on George’s comment.If you go with Linux, use Ubuntu. Their Gutsy Gibbon release is out.At first, using Ubuntu is a pain in the butt. But they have a lot of online video tutorials.First, install winMd5Sum. Put it in your “Send To” Menu. You’ll need to verify that the download was complete.Second, install InfraRecorder; this will allow you to burn the ISO image.Third, burn the ISO image to a CD or DVD.Fourth, check it by right-clicking on the file name and “Send To” winMD5Sum.Fifth, compare the result to what the hash should be. If you use 32-bit XP, it will be: d2334dbba7313e9abc8c7c072d2af09c .If the results match, you have a good copy of the ISO image.Sixth, download the OGG codes. The file is called, “oggcodecs_0.71.0946”. This will allow you to use Ogg within Windows Media Player, which you probably already have.Seven, download video tutorials from the Ubuntu site. Recommended:1) 20070909_installing_ubuntu_part_1_theora_400k_vorbis_1280x7202) 20070912_installing_applications_theora_400k_vorbis_1280x7203) 20070914_files_and_folders_theora_400k_vorbis_1280x720This will get you going.Eighth, watch the videos, at least these three videos. BTW, for the installation videos, only the first part is necessary to watch; matter of fact, part two might confuse you.Ninth, turn on your computer.Tenth, once all start up programs are loaded, insert the Ubuntu CD or DVD.Eleventh, restart your computer.Your done!!Give this entire process about five hours. Given your connection speed, downloading the ISO image may take a long time. Also, the videos may take a while to download.You’ll need about 90 minutes of actual time, but you need to watch everything else that is happening, at least with a periodical glance.Good luck!!

  • BSM

    You could call our IT dept. Oh wait, you want it fixed by 2009.

  • George

    In a very slightly more complicated procedure, you can dual-boot Linux and Windows (I second the Ubuntu recommendation) so that you can fall back on Windows until you get the hang of things in Ubuntu (provided you manage to get your Windows install repaired).