When Parody Mirrors Reality

I did not, in actual fact, receive an e-mail from Christopher Hitchens. I had presumed that, if nothing else, the “P.S. Please don’t tell anyone” added at the end of the message which I posted on my blog would give it away.

That anyone could take it seriously indicates that what FTK does is precisely what one would expect an atheist to do in order to undermine Christianity by pretending to be one, yet behaving in profoundly unchristian ways. FTK censors comments on her blog and claims to be doing what she does ‘for the kids’, yet on ERV she calls that blogger a “frothing bitch”. I apologize for even repeating such language; FTK apparently thinks that it is the way to share the Gospel.

So, the sum of the matter is this. The most likely scenario: atheists don’t need to pretend to be Christian bloggers behaving in irrational and unchristian ways, because there are Christians who are willing to do this work for them. To reverse the famous quote about Darwin, “Antievolutionists came and, under the guise of a friend, did the work of an enemy”. An alternative scenario: I made a lucky guess, and FTK really is someone trying to undermine Christianity by pretending to be a Christian and yet behaving in unchristian ways. The scary and profoundly sad part is that it is impossible to tell which. The sad part for Christians is that this leaves me having to apologize to Christopher Hitchens for jokingly associating his name with this individual who claims that she is one.

For a discussion about/with “For The Kids”, who (if she really is a soccer mom) apparently thinks her kids are best served by spending long amounts of time blogging about things that she has no expertise in, visit Unreasonable Kansans. It is a forum set up to discuss FTK’s posts on her blog, where she censors comments, not to prevent the use of vulgarity on the internet, but to prevent anyone making it obvious on her blog itself that she has misunderstood the nature of both science and her own faith tradition.

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  • Ian

    OK. I admit it. I’m dumb 🙂

  • Jim

    Don’t blame yourself, Ian. There are ways of indicating parody and there are ways of not. That the line “p.s….” was supposed to be a clue only suggests that our friend thinks there are people out there who honor privacy and who would never post a private communication. Of course that isn’t the case at all and so the “p.s.” was no warning at all.

  • My reaction was more or less: 99% chance joke; 1% chance absolutely true. As with all good parodies, there was just enough believability to give me pause…

  • I apologize, I had no intention of actually deceiving anyone. But it seems that no matter how ridiculous an idea I come up with, there is something or someone out there that actually believes it, or has done it, or has done something to make it plausible. Let’s not forget the godless atomism incident which I alluded to in the title of this post. :)I don’t apologize for assuming that privacy is something to be respected, and hope that my writings on this blog will show that I respect the privacy of others, even if many nowadays do not.

  • ERV

    LOL! Oh I Love FtK for coming to my blog to say that! Shes knew it would be fine because: I dont mind ‘bad language’ on my blog, and Ive never banned anyone (I did delete comments from a Creationist that crossed the line into personal threats).I think its wonderful FtK could take advantage of free, uncensored speech, even though she is an active participant in suppressing opinions.On the other hand, you have been in the blagosphere long enough to know that youre supposed to write “This is a P-A-R-O-D-Y!!” on all your fake letters :PROFL!!Ian– You are not dumb. This years April Fools joke on ‘Pandas Thumb’? ‘Got me’ like, ALL DAY.

  • Carlos

    About two or three weeks ago, someone showed up on Uncommon Descent and posted under the name “Solon” (then “Lazarus” after “Solon” got booted). Solon repeatedly criticized design theorists for even caring about science, on the grounds that the Bible contains everything that is worth knowing. I don’t know if the comments by Solon/Lazarus are still there. I mention this here because FTK, among others, simply insisted that Solon could not possibly be genuine — he must be some atheist or Darwinist pretending to be a Christian creationist. They insisted that no one could really be as stupid and ignorant as Solon seemed to be; he could only be a parody. Hence Solon was subjected to some substantial and undeserved abuse.

  • That’s very funny – I suggested FTK seems like a parody, and FTK says someone else is, and on it goes. I wonder who is claiming it about me…

  • Dr. McGrath – I think that FTK and the ususal insane poster at UD all think yu ae an atheist pretneding to be a Christian, since in their little Bizaro World, all Christians must suppport ID. It is completely lost on them that the breakdown is more along the lines of stupid and not-stupid.They just don’t get it, and sasdly, most of them never will. We can only hope for some death-bed conversions for them.

  • Erasmus, FCD

    Welllll, I have it on good authority that Solon and Lazarus were not only parodies (of the author’s personal experience growing up in that environment) but also completely consistent with the thoughts and actions of a lot of folks in america that are creationists of some stripe or the other. Mileage varies, but ultimately the ontological argument of ID and the ‘defeat of materialism’ are science stoppers in that they block explanatory reduction and have no utility in higher level theories. They want nothing more than the suspension of natural law, and that is not going to make for good science, just a good apologetic.So solon and lazarus were real as anything else, but they probably also qualify as a reduction ad absurdum. There aren’t enough trueblooded fundies on UD to make their line of reasoning hotly contested.