LOST Season 4 Begins

If you haven’t watched the season premiere of LOST yet then don’t read this post. It is basically one big collection of spoilers. If you have seen it, then please do join me in recalling and reflecting on what we’ve just seen.

The way the episode begins is phenomenal. Jack is watching a car chase on TV, pouring himself a drink. He starts with orange juice. We wonder whether this is a flashback or a flash forward. He adds something stronger and we suspect we’re in the future. We watch and wait to see who is driving, and it turns out to be Hurley, who proclaims himself as someone with celebrity status: one of the “Oceanic Six”. Jack, Hurley, Kate – and who are the other three? Presumably Michael and/or Walt is one, since they were from New York, which is where the individual in the coffin was found.

Hurley ran when something he saw in a store freaked him out. We later learn that what he saw…was Charlie. He is having all sorts of visions related to Charlie, and when a policeman threatens him with being sent to an insane asylum, Hurley welcomes the offer.

In the asylum, Hurley is visited by a man named Matthew Abbaddon (the last name is significant), claiming to be an attorney for Oceanic Airlines, come to offer Hurley an “upgrade” to a better asylum. Hurley is suspicious, and asks to see a business card, which the man fails to produce. When Hurley tries to end the conversation, Abbadon asks him “Are they still alive?”

Back on the island, Hurley gets separated from a group heading back to join the rest and warn Jack about Charlie’s message. He ends up at Jacob’s house, sees Jacob, and meets Locke there. Later, in another flash forward, Hurley will tell Jack that he is sorry he went with Locke, and that he thinks “it wants us to come back”, presumably referring to the island. Jack hasn’t yet grown his beard at this point, and doesn’t yet share Hurley’s desire to return to the island.

Hurley also sees Charlie at the mental hospital, and denies that he is real. Charlie tells Hurley that he is dead, but that he is also here, and adds “They need you Hugo”.

I was going to tape Eli Stone anyway, and hope to see the Oceanic Airlines commercial that is apparently going to be on during it.

LOST is back, and has not disappointed at all. More clues, and onward into deeper mysteries we go! Wow!

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