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Michael Zimmerman (dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences here at Butler University) has written an op-ed piece about evolution and religion, which is closely connected with the Evolution Weekend project. In the past, Ken Ham has dismissed Evolution Sunday saying “atheists take glee when they see the clergy supporting evolution”, while P. Z. Myers showed that this is clearly not universally the case. I’m planning on focusing on this topic in the Sunday School class I teach, and hope my congregation will add its name to the list of churches participating. I’m also encouraging bloggers to make the weekend of February 8-10 this year a blog-a-thon, particularly religiously-oriented blogs (which makes this the blogospheric equivalent of focusing on evolution in churches that weekend).

The United Church of Christ has released a statement on the subject entitled “Not Mutually Exclusive”. On February 11th, Christ Community Church will offer an e-course on the topic.

Although I am disappointed with her post, I confess I am impressed by the fact that Denyse O’Leary has allowed critical comments (including one from Michael Zimmerman himself) to appear on her blog.

In other news, there is a lively blog interaction on minimalism and history in Biblical studies. The best post so far is “The Game Is On” which presents a hilarious depiction of the interaction between minimalists and maximalists in gaming terms. This in turn was in response to posts by Claude Mariottini and Jim West. John Hobbins (with a quote from me) tries (as I do) to plot a course between the extremes. I’m sure the conversation will continue…and hope you will join in!

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    A decent post with good analysis. I see these days there are many gaming blogs but none of them have any relevant news except for few. Could you please suggest me few relevant gaming blog. Right now I read and find its topic quite relevant.


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  • James F. McGrath

    Wow, two irrelevant comments in a row on one post! What is with you people?