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It May Be Tax Season, But Don’t Assume That E-Mail Is REALLY From the IRS!

Below is the text of an e-mail someone else received. It is not from the IRS, but it claims to be. It is an attempt, like all other scam e-mails, to get personal information from the gullible. Don’t fall for it. If you click the link you get sent to a page that looks pretty [Read More…]

Evolution Weekend Blog-A-Thon: February 8-10, 2008

As I proposed a while back, it would make sense to have blogs as well as congregations participate in Evolution Weekend 2008. Use the opportunity to promote well-informed interaction between religion and science, and evolution in particular. Let’s have an evolution and religion blog-a-thon! Just post something well-informed about something connected with religion and evolution [Read More…]

Primary Alliance Group

For those readers of this blog who have come looking for information about Sterling Who’s Who, the organization has changed its name to Primary Alliance Group. Nothing else about the web site seems to have changed (even the web site address is the same). [Read more…]

Welcome Back Vista!

Having struggled in vain to get Windows XP to work on my computer (with an nVidia GeForce motherboard and graphics card), and finding indications from others that the blue screen of death (BSOD for those who experience it so often they need an abbreviation) is par for the course when the two are combined, I [Read More…]

Statement of Faith for Biblical Literalists

A student who was making a presentation to my class on the Bible today had discovered a page I created a while back, called a Statement of Faith for Biblical Literalists. I am simply reproducing it here, for those readers who may not have seen it: Statement of Faith for Biblical Literalists ARTICLE I: One [Read More…]

Poor Mrs. Leah Cooper

Imagine this. A person you don’t know writes to you from her hospital bed, calling you ‘friend’, and offers to transfer power of attorney over her bank account to you in order that you give the money to charity. All she asks for is your personal information and bank details. What makes clear that this [Read More…]

The Lengths To Which Some Will Go

In a comment on my recent post about the flat-earth cosmology assumed by the author of the Gospel of Matthew, one reader of this blog suggested that there is a mountain from which one can see all the kingdoms of the earth – on the moon! That, it is presumed, is where Satan took Jesus [Read More…]

Around the Blogosphere

It has been a while since I’ve shared links to other blogs, and there have been a number that I’ve considered particularly significant. Top of the list is Julie Bogart’s entry The Aberration about modern fundamentalist Christianity as a rather odd and aberrant “blip” far from the mainstream of historic Christianity. If you read only [Read More…]

News Flash: Action Figure Found On Mars

There is an interesting panorama photo taken by the Spirit lander on Mars that features what looks like a human or humanoid figure. What has not been noted is the scale of the object, which does not appear to be that far from the lander, and thus is presumably not that big. Be that as [Read More…]

Hermaphrodite Sex Are Few And Unspectacular

Just some keyword tidbits. The Vista black screen issue still draws more visitors than anything else (suggesting that the latest Windows OS is undergoing meltdown and it may not be long before a mass exodus to Linux and/or Mac occurs). But a close second is hermaphrodite sex. I can’t help wondering whether there are lots [Read More…]