Voyage of the Damned

I finally watched the Doctor Who Christmas special “Voyage of the Damned” last night. It was certainly entertaining, and as tragic as the recent episodes have often tended to be. The “earthologist” (with a fake degree from a degree mill that also did dry cleaning) was particularly funny, with his poorly-informed understanding of human traditions: The people of Earth worship the great God Santa, with his fierce claws, and his wife Mary. Every Christmas they go to war against the people of Turkey and then eat the conquered for Christmas dinner like savages.

Eventually the Doctor objects that this hasn’t got the meaning of Christmas quite right, and when he is asked what Christmas is really about, he says it is a long story – and he should know, because he was there. In fact, he got the last room!

It was also great to have Chuck make a reappearance on TV recently. With more Doctor Who, LOST, sooner or later the end of the writers’ strike, more Chuck, Battlestar Galactica and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles to look forward to, there is only one big question left unanswered…

How will I find the time to watch all the things that are worth watching?

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  • Qalmlea

    Drat. I missed Chuck’s re-emergence. Ah well. There’s always reruns.

  • James F. McGrath

    You can watch them online! No need to wait! :)

  • Doug Chaplin

    Sorry, I’m English and I don’t get the Chuck refernce. I’m pretty certain you can’t be referring to a certain Mr Norris’ appearance in presidential campaigns, but beyoond that, I’m more lost than those guys on the island.

  • Qalmlea

    It’s an American television show that’s new this year. It’s about a geek who accidentally gets a bunch of classified info jammed into his head and so gets “adopted” by the CIA/NSA. It’s extremely farcical, but still enjoyable.

  • BSM

    How will you find time?If you figure that one out let me know!I’m down to BSG and Human Weapon!