Around the Blogosphere

Everyone (well not quite but lots of bloggers) are talking about the recent Pew Forums study on religion. The study itself can be found on the Pew Forums web site.
The Quixotic Infidel has a nice chart (and post) about the development of the New Testament canon.
The Bad Idea Blog focuses attention on the hypocrisy in churches that condemn homosexuality and tolerate divorce.
Sun and Shield has an interesting post on the moral status of embryos.
Pharyngula shares statistics on the extent to which high schools are teaching evolution (and other things beside).
The Panda’s Thumb documents still more quote-mining by cdesign proponentsists.
IO9 shares stunning photos of Titan, Saturn’s moon.

Finally, let me offer this entertaining clip of dueling musicians…

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    You have been viciously and unprovokedly memed.